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Automatic cartoning machines

Automatic Cartoning Machines Jacob White Packaging


Jacob White automatic packaging machines are carefully designed to deliver enhanced efficiency in all types of packaging environments, be fully customisable and feature multi-product collators, variable speed, high-speed repeatability and easy changeover.

With options for manual or automatic product bucket loading, and fully automatic carton erection, loading and sealing functionality, our automatic packaging machines offer production operations of all sizes a flexible, scalable approach to streamlined, highly-consistent packaging and branding.


The benefits of automatic cartoning machines

Increase quality, control and consistency

Automatic cartoning machines deliver unmatched quality control and consistency over the manual and even semi-automatic systems. For larger operations, consistency is vital and can enhance branding opportunities, allowing greater flexibility of design. Jacob White cartoning machines are proven and industry-renowned for handling even the most delicate products with exceptional care and attention to detail.


Increase productivity

There is undoubtedly a great opportunity to increase operational productivity through automation in the cartoning process. Coupled with consistency and high standards, and better resource management, not only can increased productivity be achieved, but also bottom-line budgeting becomes easier to manage.


Increase safety with automatic cartoning

Jacob White automatic cartoning machines include full overload protection on all drives and loading mechanisms to increase safety and have a manual override power supply. When automation is fully achieved, and the machine in operational mode, manual operators are there to simply oversee the operation and perform quality control testing. Operators can retain full control with a manual power override feature, but do not need to participate in the packaging process any further, significantly increasing safety within the production area.


Fully customisable with a range of features

When our clients buy automatic cartoning machines from Jacob White, we work closely with them to tailor a design with the needs of the customer at the forefront. Ensuring clients receive the right solution to fit their individual needs is important at Jacob White and we spend time to understand how best to achieve their goals through unique customisation and a wide range of functional features.


Easy to use with little training 

Jacob White automatic packaging machines require little training and are extremely user-friendly at all operational levels. Our cartoning machines are suitable for widespread use in operations of all sizes with non-technical personnel.



How Jacob White can fulfil your business packaging needs through automation

The Jacob White range of automatic cartoning machines is available to suit the packaging needs of clients from all business sectors handling a wide range of products. We tailor solutions to your precise business cartoning needs through the provision of highly-customisable, flexible and scalable machines that help you to increase productivity and output, strengthen branding and consistency and maintain vital compliance.


Jacob White NS-X 5 automatic cartoning machine

The NS-X 5 cartoning machine is automatic and erects cartons using a vacuum pick-off system, the process of erecting and filling the carton is automated and controlled by means of a product bucket. With a no-carton, no product reject unit, automatic sealing and discharge, the NS-X 5 automatic cartoner brings enhanced efficiency and productivity to any operation.

Visit the NS-X 5 cartoning machine page now to find out more.


Jacob White NS-X 6 automatic cartoner machine

Jacob White’s NS-X 6 uses vacuum pick up and automatic product detection to deliver enhanced functionality. Also, this automatic cartoner also gives a manual product bucket-loading option if required. With extensive variable speed and size ranges, and full-closure and seal functionality, this automatic packaging machine could be the flexible solution you’ve been looking for.

Visit the NS-X 6 automatic cartoner machine page now to find out more.


Jacob White CP-400 automatic case packer

The CP-400 automatic case packer is one of the newer members of the Jacob White collection. Flexible enough for use in all types of packaging and cartoning environments and delivering a user-friendly experience, the CP-400 brings new levels of automation. With variable speed and size options, and highly-customisable product collators to adapt to varying product ranges.

Visit the CP-400 automatic case packer page now to find out more.


Jacob White has been manufacturing packaging machines since 1911 and has an industry-wide, proven reputation as one of the world’s most versatile manufacturers of packaging and cartoning equipment. With worldwide clients of all sizes, our mission is to provide tailored, flexible, scalable solutions to meet their precise business packaging needs, no matter how large or small. We will fully support your enquiry and offer assistance in products, carton design and factory layout. With over 6,000 installations worldwide and experience in packaging most products, we would invite you to contact us with no obligation.

Contact Jacob White Packaging

Thank you for your interest in Jacob White Packaging, we will fully support your enquiry and will offer assistance in products, carton design and factory layout. With over 6,000 installations worldwide and experience in packaging most products, we would invite you to contact us with no obligation.

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