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Why Choose a Jacob White Machine

Jacob White - Global Packaging Solutions


Jacob White machines are chosen by our clients, both in the UK and all over the world, because of the unmatched performance and functionality we take pride in delivering at every level. Whether you’re a big brand manufacturer or a smaller organisation, we work closely with you to ensure you receive a fully tailored solution that ticks every single box.


The key benefits of choosing a Jacob White packaging machine:


  • Automating packaging for a faster, more efficient turnaround
  • Reducing labour costs to give you that competitive edge
  • Replacing outdated machines with our reliable, high output, high quality products
  • Affordable machine costs made in the United Kingdom
  • Ecologically sound packaging options as consumers move away from plastics to cardboard
  • Facilitating product changes and range expansion including new box sizes
  • Equipment renewal and modernisation for cost saving and efficiency
  • Ideal for contract packers and smaller producers
  • Fully automated production lines with product handling
  • Packaging machines with transfer equipment


We offer a wide range of machines to help manufacturers pack any product. We hold a worldwide, 108-year reputation for providing machines to suit every sector of every industry and top-class customer service to ensure client satisfaction. Working with us will ensure your products, whether the most delicate tissues or heavy automotive parts are packed with precision in an energy-saving, cost-effective solution.

Jacob White tailor every machine to your specific needs and provide a wide range of customisation options, whether you need a manual packaging machine to strengthen consistency, a carton sealing machine with precision and reliability or a semi-automatic cartoner to enhance productivity.


Browse our machine types below:


Jacob White Manual Packaging MachinesManual Packaging Machines

Jacob White manual packaging machines offer small-to-medium-sized businesses big production line functionality without a hefty price tag. Reliance on manpower alone can become costly and raise logistics challenges. Introducing a manual packaging machine can help to increase quality and consistency of packaging and still maintain the operator control. Read More


Jacob White Automatic Cartoning MachinesAutomatic Cartoning Machines

Our automatic cartoning machines are developed with the delivery of enhanced efficiency in mind, regardless of the packaging environment. Even our automated cartoners have a manual operational feature that ensures quality and control at every stage, while reducing the traditionally heavy reliance on resources. Increase productivity and reduce costs with an automatic cartoning machine from Jacob White. Read More


Jacob White  Carton Sealing MachinesCarton Sealing Machines

The Jacob White carton sealing machine increases consistency significantly for even the most delicate products, such as tissues. Using precision engineering, our automatic sealing machine offers an efficient solution for a wide range of products. Highly customisable and multi-size capability means that this machine can increase consistency and offer full quality control. Read More


Jacob White Semi-Automatic CartonersSemi-Automatic Cartoners

Our range of semi-automatic cartoning machines can help to streamline and accelerate the production line while maintaining energy-efficiency and reducing resource reliance. Fully customisable and with variable size and speed options, our semi-automatic range of cartoning machines can help to increase operational productivity, regardless of your industry or business size. Read More


Jacob White Semi-automatic Packaging MachinesSemi-automatic Packaging Machines

Jacob White semi-automated packaging machines maintain the on-demand operation benefits that add flexibility to your operations and keep quality control high. If you’ve been considering updating your manual production line, Jacob White can help you to achieve consistency and consolidate brand awareness. Read More


Jacob White Packaging will fully support your enquiry and will offer assistance in products, carton design and factory layout. With over 6,000 installations worldwide and experience in packaging most products, we would invite you to contact us with no obligation.

Contact Jacob White Packaging

Thank you for your interest in Jacob White Packaging, we will fully support your enquiry and will offer assistance in products, carton design and factory layout. With over 6,000 installations worldwide and experience in packaging most products, we would invite you to contact us with no obligation.

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