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Manual packaging machines

Manual Packaging Machines Jacob White Packaging


Jacob White manual packaging machines can give big-production functionality to smaller production operations, offering manual loading on a continuously-moving, flighted chain system with automatic hot glue applicators, sealing process and discharge.

Manual packaging machines are perfect for small- to medium-sized operations that need precision, versatility and efficiency, without the high-energy consumption and investment of a large-scale production line. 


Jacob White TFS Carton Sealing Machine thumbTFS Carton Sealing Machine

The Jacob White TFS carton sealing machine is specifically designed and built to suit smaller operations and features variable speed output and adjustable carton size with no need to change parts. Our manual packaging machines offer operators a streamlined, efficient production run with full control and automatic discharge.

Visit the Jacob White TFS Carton Sealing Machine page now to find out more.


The benefits of manual packaging machines


Increase quality and consistency

Relying on pure manpower can become expensive and logistically difficult, particularly in small businesses. Using manual packaging machines increases the quality and consistency of packaging, helping to improve brand awareness. As operators manually prepare and load the packaging elements, there is still a quality control process happening at every level.


Full control and visibility

The manual element of packaging ensures that safety comes first. Human operators can oversee a production operation and make sure that all aspects are working properly – from temperature to quality control. Any issues can be spotted before they become problems and efficiency and accuracy can be smoothly maintained.



Manual packaging machines from Jacob White are easy to operate with little training, making them ideal for non-technical personnel to operate on a daily basis. 


Fully customisable

Jacob White packaging machines are designed with the customer at the forefront of all our ideas. We can work closely with operations of all sizes to ensure your business gets the right set-up for your precise needs. 


With more than a century of engineering experience and worldwide clients of all sizes, we are perfectly positioned to give you the best advice, based on valuable lessons learned. Let us help you with the latest technologies to transform, enhance and increase your production. Talk to us today about your manual packaging machine needs.

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