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Biscuit Brand Increases Production

Biscuit Brand Increases Production

Major Biscuit Industry Brand Increases Production with Automated Packaging


Geographical Location: UK

Industry/Product Lines: Snacks packaging, Confectionery packaging


Client Requirements:

A major biscuit industry brand came to Jacob White with a need for a full production line to help automated their packaging and product transfer lines. Their requirements included:

  • Increased production
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Speed and size variations
  • No human intervention in order to meet hygiene standards


Our Solution

We took our time to better understand the company’s current working processes and procedures. Working closely with them on the initial consultations we gained detailed insights into the exact requirements of the client and we able to recommend two machines to meet their needs – the NS-X 5 automatic cartoner and the Jacob White CP400 case packer.

Combining these machines with a product transfer system would increase production speeds and reduce heavy reliance on manual resources. These lines would take flow wrapped biscuits from a conveyor system and transfer the product to the case packer.

With full automation, these lines could ensure that strict hygiene standards for biscuit packaging were also met.


The End Result

Our customer installed the NS-X 5 automatic cartoner and the CP400 case packer, creating a brand-new production line.  The NS-X 5 offered them a fully automated packaging solution, with integrated pouch and carton erector, automatic and carefully controlled product placement, and box sealing all in one machine.

This packaging machine also come equipped with a “no carton, no product” reject unit which discards the product outside the guard line of the machine. Ideal for a food handling business, where hygiene standards are of utmost importance, the automated packing machine is manufactured from stainless steel and operates within an enclosed environment.

To tailor the installation to the exact needs of the client, Jacob White fitted the machine with a product transfer system, which took the wrapped biscuits directly from the conveyor and loaded them into cartons before transferring the product to the CP400 case packer. The increased speed of automating the system has resulted in production of more than 120 cartons per minute, while delivering a substantial in labour costs and resource use across the company.


From the customer

“This was the right decision for us, and we were glad to follow the recommendation of Jacob White. We came to them as we needed to find a knowledgeable, experienced team to give us what we needed at the right price.

For the long-term, we were looking at increasing production and reducing labour costs. The hygiene aspect is critical in the biscuit industry, and we knew that automating the packaging process was the right way to go.

“Since working with Jacob White and installing the NS-X 5 and the automated case packer, we’ve noticed a significant increase in production, and we’ve managed to reduce our reliance on manual resources too.”

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