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Pastry Company Benefits from Semi-Automation

Pastry Company Benefits from Semi-Automation

Large UK Pastry Company Benefits from Semi-Automated Packaging Solution

Geographical Location: UK
Industry/Product Lines: Food packaging, Bakery packaging


Client Requirements:

A large UK pastry company looking to move from a manual packaging process to an automated solution, expressed an increasing need to reduce labour costs and increase production. They came to Jacob White Packaging with the following list of requirements:

  • Automated solution
  • Maintain quality and user control
  • Must be easy to operate with minimum training
  • Minimum intervention to meet hygiene standards
  • Increase speed of packaging and subsequent production
  • Reduced reliance on manual resources
  • Minimum investment


Our Solution

The Jacob White team met on site to fully understand the needs, requirements and existing set up of the company’s operations and procedures. Once we’d gained a comprehensive view of the company’s exact needs, we were able to offer them a refurbished RSB 3 semi-automatic cartoning machine.

These machines greatly reduce the manual resources needed for operations, yet still meet quality and control requirements by manual, on-demand operation. The operator handles the product, and the machine erects the cartons, collate them for loading and carry them through the sealing process before automatically discharging the filled cartons by means of powered side belts. These partly automated packaging lines ensure the product is packaged hygienically and with a consistency that is not always possible with a manual, hand packaging system.


The End Result

Our customer was happy with the cost of the refurbished machine, which has enabled them to continue to plan further investments into their operation. The RSB 3 semi-automatic cartoner delivered the opportunity to take the packaging line to the next level for the pastry company, who has now doubled production and reduced the previously cost-heavy reliance on manual packers.

Due to the varying size options, the company has been able to run short productions of a wider variety of products and is looking ahead to the future with these additional possibilities in the packaging department.

Designed for three-shift operation, the shafts and guides of the RSB 3 are made from stainless steel and it has a heavy welded steel box-section frame, making it a robust solution, ideal for the food packaging environment where food hygiene standards are constantly monitored.


From the Customer

“The RSB 3 has revolutionised our production. The RSB-3 is straightforward to operate and it ticked boxes for us in terms of health and safety.

It has opened new and exciting doors for us and we’re using the new process to explore our packaging further. The affordable cost of taking on a refurbished packaging machine for our pastries has meant that we have been able to think about investing further and cementing our place in the industry.

We’re delighted we selected Jacob White to help us automate. Their knowledge has been comforting, the quality of the machine amazing. After sales support is great and the training given by their technician has left the machine running faultlessly. We’ll be back, Jacob White!”

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