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Sundry Product Packaging and Cartoning Machines

Sundry Product Packaging and Cartoning Machines Jacob White


The packaging machines supplied by Jacob White are second to none. We have a huge range of machines, able to package a vast amount of different goods and materials. Toys, games, car parts and lighters are just a small range of parts that our machines are currently employed to package.

Jacob White machines can save your business money with packaging solutions on a surprisingly wide range of products. With options for manual, semi-automated and fully automated packaging machines, let us help you with your sundry goods packaging needs.

The title ‘Sundries’ covers a wide and varied range of products. Sundry items can include battery packs or car parts, which often require specialist packaging techniques to ensure safe transportation. Sundries can also be delicate, breakable items or items that may come under specific regulations for packaging requirements. 

Our packaging technology can be specially designed to suit every type of packing requirement, and here at Jacob White, we have a long history of diversity in our clients. Let us help you to make the right choices for your unique needs.

Below are some of the products our machines can package for you:

Packaging Types


Type of Sundries Packaging Machines Available


Compatible cartoner machines for packaging sundry items

From automotive parts to toys and games, Jacob White packaging machines offer a solution for every product, regardless of the size of the products or the operation.

With modifiable processes and calibration, there are several types of machine that can suit the needs of sundries production and packaging companies. With options for on-demand operation, semi- and fully-automatic processes, our machines can be uniquely calibrated and designed to handle a wide range of packaging options, whether for sterile goods, perishable products or products packed in multiples, such as playing cards or mosquito repellent products, for example.

Vertical cartoners are specifically designed to allow for on-demand, vertical loading of cartons or boxes, and can be automatically or manually operated by a rotary, vacuum system. These types of machines can run on intermittent, or continual motion with further options for 2 or more operators to be present at the loading stage. After closing and sealing operations, cartons are automatically ejected from the machine, and can be modified for further, mass packaging for easy transportation and delivery. See our recommended machines:

Why Choose Your Sundries Goods Packaging Machine from Jacob White?


Long Standing Reputation

Jacob white, founded in 1911, is justifiably proud of its reputation throughout the world as one of the most versatile manufacturers of cartoning equipment for the sundry products industry. Our machines deliver high-productivity and versatility for even the most hard-to-handle, delicate sundry items through the entire packaging process – from case erection to case ejection.

Packaging Machines for sundries 

The company produces a varied range of standard and custom-built machines which erect, fill and seal cartons to any degree of automation. As the sundry products industry covers an extensive range of items, we can work closely with our clients to ensure our machines are perfectly suited to your unique operational needs.

Advanced Technology & Bespoke Products

Jacob White has invested in the most appropriate computer technology to aid and speed the design process. Every machine is uniquely tailored to suit the individual requirements of the business or type of sundries products. 


Our company has a strong market share in hygiene, food and pharmaceutical packaging, with installations in more than 5000 sites in 62 countries. Read more about how Jacob White is the right choice for your business.


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