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Manual Insertion

Manual Insertion is a traditional technique used within the packaging sector where items are physically placed or inserted into packaging by hand. Predominantly employed for delicate or irregularly shaped items, this method provides an additional layer of precision and care that sometimes machinery cannot replicate.

The technique offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing for the packaging of diverse products without the need for frequent machinery adjustments. Furthermore, manual insertion can be especially advantageous when dealing with fragile items, ensuring minimum damage during the packaging process.

However, this method does have its limitations. It can be time-consuming and might not be ideal for high-volume production lines. Manual insertion is also more susceptible to human error and inconsistencies, which can be detrimental if strict quality controls are not maintained.

While manual insertion holds its place in the packaging landscape, the industry continually evolves with innovations and advancements. If your organisation seeks to balance tradition with modernity, Jacob White is well-equipped to guide. With a rich history and cutting-edge solutions, we can assist in finding the optimal packaging method tailored to your needs.

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