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Give Your Bakery Packaging Line Consistency and Efficiency in 2020

Posted by Carla Colwell
17th February, 2020

Bakery packaging has a tough job to do. It has to keep typically delicate products in shape and fresh through often a very short shelf life. With just a few days grace, bakery produce must be turned around quickly and efficiently and within a hygienic, food-standards-compliant environment. 

Bakery products typically include (but are not limited to):

  • Bread
  • Cakes
  • Soft biscuits
  • Savoury pies and pasties
  • Pastries

These delicate products require robust packaging to protect them and keep them fresh.

As consumer demand rises all over the world in terms of freshness, quality, consistency and standards, bakery production lines are facing greater pressure to meet these expectancies and high hygiene standards while keeping the bottom-line budget still in sight. When we begin to think about sustainability and standards in the packaging department, manufacturers are under even more pressure to get this right to compete in an already hugely competitive marketplace.


Automating the bakery packaging production line to reduce cost 

Bakery packaging is moving towards ethics and sustainability more than any other product. Because baked goods are typically sold fresh, the packaging is growing more important to consumers who will dispose of the packaging quickly. The rise in awareness of the environmental impact of packaging is driving producers towards the use of more widely recyclable materials. These types of materials are typically more expensive than many plastic-derived alternatives, so costs need to be examined in every aspect.

Some of the most successful bakery producers are moving towards automation in the packaging line to help reduce costs in terms of better energy usage and reliance on manual resources. This not only creates consistency for the entire packaging line but increases efficiency too. 


How Jacob White can help

Jacob White packaging machines are uniquely tailored to suit the business needs and situation. Through close consultancy, we determine your regular processes and working procedures, local compliance requirements and find out exactly what your bakery packaging line needs to look like in order for you to reach your goals. 

We offer a range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automated solutions to tighten up your operations throughout your bakery packaging set up. Lowering instances of human intervention with product placement and packaging can also improve hygiene standards.

Some of our most suitable packaging machines for bakery products are listed below. All Jacob White machines are robust and manufactured using heavy-duty stainless-steel frame, shafts (where applicable) and guards, ideal for a food handling environment: 


TFS carton sealing machine 

The TFS Carton Sealing machine is the perfect way to handle smaller production runs and allows for manual operation with automatic sealing via hot melt glue applicators, giving greater scope for quality control and consistency.


NS-X 3.1 semi-automatic cartoner

The NS-X 3.1 gives operators higher quality control, safety and visibility with a manual start-up operation and product placement. Cartons are erected and sealed and discharged automatically to deliver precise, consistent packaging for all types of baked products. 


TL-X 3 semi-automatic vertical cartoner 

The TL-X 3 has been specifically designed for vertical carton loading and offers operators the option to run continuous or intermittent runs. This machine has a larger open loading area to accommodate two or more operators at the loading stage and has automatic sealing and discharge features.


NS-X 5 automatic cartoner 

The NS-X 5 offers a fully automatic solution for compliant bakery packaging with no human intervention required. The machine is also fitted with a reject unit for unfilled cartons and has powered side belts to discharge filled cartons from the machine. 


CP-400 case packer  

The CP-400 case packer can complete your automated bakery packaging line, taking filled cartons and collating into cartons ready for shipping. This machine can be uniquely tailored to collate many types of products and packaging types. 

Talk to Jacob White today about your bakery packaging line. If you’ve been thinking about sustainability and bringing greater efficiency to your operations, we can help. 


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