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A Connoisseurs Approach to Drinks Bottle Packaging

Posted by Carla Colwell
10th May, 2023

The drinks and beverages market share is predicted to be worth $189 billion by 2025. Driven by rising demands for convenience, among others, we’re seeing bottles holding the largest portion of the packaging phase.   

As we approach 113 years old, Jacob White is proud to say that we know a thing or two about drinks bottle packaging. Let’s take a closer look to find out more about what’s happening across this significant industry sector.


Traditional and modern packaging solutions for liquids

With demand rising for convenience alongside sustainability in the consumer sector, we’re seeing this drive innovation in bottle production. We predict we will see a wider variety of bottles coming to the drinks market as a result in the coming months and years.


With greater awareness of sustainability and a global push on recycling, the use of glass bottles gained a resurgence in recent times. Glass bottles are one of the most traditional forms of liquids transportation from the factory to the consumer. Today, we’re seeing them undertake a revolution in terms of making them lighter and stronger than ever before.

Virtual testing of glass products is taking place in the alcoholic drinks sector, to produce lighter bottles, stronger, fully recyclable and using fewer raw materials. This innovative technology could lead to even more growth within this packaging sector in the next ten years.


Plastic is beginning to shake off its stigma and is not quite as dirty a word as it was within the packaging industry today. This is largely thanks to PET (or PolyEthylene Terephthalate), hailed as the most recyclable plastic in the world. The use of PET plastics is now soaring and is currently used to package around 70% of carbonated soft drinks, juice, cordials and bottled water.
Packaging with PET plastic is likely to continue to be the way forward for the beverages sector and with bottles currently holding the largest share, we’re expecting exciting things of PET possibilities.


Consumer-driven demand for convenience

An increasing consumer demand to convenience packaging is going to continue to drive market growth. Currently predicted to rise at a CAGR of 5% over the five year period 2021-2026, the beverages market is one to watch closely.

There are also innovations and revelations in the wine packaging sector – this time moving away from bottles altogether. Driven by the need for greater portability and convenience, we’re starting to see wine packaged in cans, especially marketed for walkers and campers to reduce weight.

Across all sectors of the drinks bottle industry there is a consumer-driven push in innovation, making it an exciting time as we see advancements in design and development.


Adapting to change across the packaging line

Changing, advancing materials spell adaptations to the packaging line for many drinks producers. With demand rising, so does the pressure placed on packaging lines of all sizes to handle the required increase in output. Even smaller producers are turning to automation for the answer to accelerating output and adapting to new materials and processes.A tailored approach is needed when you’re ticking the boxes in drinks packaging:

  • Increasing output
  • Accelerating distribution
  • Minimising downtime with fast changeovers
  • Reducing resource reliance and training
  • Enhancing consistency and cartoning
  • Seamless compliance

When the pressure is on, you need a seamlessly reliable drinks packaging line, capable of handling glass bottles, plastic bottles, PET pouches, paperboard cartons, cans and everything in between. Plus, you need to be prepared for the next innovative drinks bottle to storm the market. We’re here to help.

With over a century of experience, we’ve seen enormous changes in materials and processes, compliance and energy consumption. We know how important scalability and flexibility are, and how getting it right can form the backbone of your business. Talk to us today about our drinks bottle packaging solutions and we’ll help you future proof your packaging line.

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