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Frozen Food Packaging Automation for Smaller Operations

Posted by Carla Colwell
11th June, 2024

In the frozen food packaging sector, smaller companies are facing increasing pressure to meet rising demand. Introducing automation is one of the most effective ways to improve efficiency and maintain the high standards needed to compete in this market. 

As leading packaging automation specialists, we understand the unique challenges faced by smaller operations. In this article, we will explore how the automation benefits the frozen food packaging line and guide you through implementation considerations. 


Rising demand and the opportunities in frozen food packaging

Across the frozen food sector, growth has been steadily increasing in recent years. This is driven by rising demand for convenience and changing consumer habits, which then drives innovation and results in wider choice. 

With healthy predictions for the sector presenting opportunities for smaller operations, competition has never been greater. For many, this now means rising to the challenge and streamlining operations, modernising production lines and introducing automation.


The benefits of packaging automation

Automation on the frozen foods packaging line increases not only efficiency but safety, hygiene and cost-effective operation. Other benefits include:

  • Consistent quality – automated packaging machines bring consistency, which can enhance brand quality and reputation, vital when competing with larger operations. 
  • Improved food hygiene – minimising human contact and handling significantly improves hygiene standards. It decreases the risk of contamination and streamlines compliance with frozen food safety regulations. 
  • Scalable approach – scalability is key for small packaging operations in today’s volatile, competitive marketplace. Implementing the right packaging machinery can provide the flexibility needed to scale up or down operations as required. In the frozen food industry, where market changes are fast and short production runs are commonplace, this is a vital requirement.
  • Cost efficiency – implementation of automated machinery is a significant investment for a smaller packaging enterprise. This investment can be realised in long-term savings in terms of reduced manual labour reliance, increased speed and output and lower overall production costs.


How to choose the right packaging machinery

When planning the implementation of automated packaging machinery for a small-scale frozen foods line, there are some clear considerations to make:

Setting a budget

With a significant investment to make, but with long-term realised benefits on the table, it is essential to evaluate the return on investment (ROI). Rather than this be a barrier for smaller operations, it is important to include these calculations when setting a budget. If financing is required, any lender will assess this information.

Assessing the physical space and services

Smaller facilities may have limited floor space and connected services to handle packaging machinery. Working with a machine manufacturer that will visit the facility and assess the available space and requirements is essential. 

Compact and versatile machines that can integrate with existing systems are ideal for operations with limited physical space. 

Customisation and adjustment

Machinery that offers high levels of customisation will deliver the most benefit to frozen food packaging businesses with multiple product lines. Size and speed adjustments should be straightforward, to minimise potential downtime and operator training. 

This level of flexibility is central to any plan to harness the opportunities within the sector in the coming months and years. 

Comprehensive processes evaluation

To fully maximise efficiency and the range of benefits automation can bring, a comprehensive evaluation of all operational processes will be key. This is especially important when integrating automated packaging processes. We work closely with our clients to ensure that your new solutions work in harmony with existing processes.

Let us help

At Jacob White, we offer a range of packaging solutions tailored to the needs of smaller operations. Through close consultation, we use industry experience and knowledge to guide you through your options and we’ll recommend semi-automatic or fully automated machinery that ticks every box. 

Our packaging machines for frozen food are designed to deliver the flexibility and scalability smaller businesses need. With unique, swift digital changeover, size and speed can be adjusted with minimal downtime and adapt to multiple, short production runs easily. 

As the frozen food market continues to expand, we’re here to help smaller operations adapt and remain competitive. Talk to us today.

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