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Improve Packaging Speeds and Control Flyaway Powdered Foods

Posted by Carla Colwell
31st July, 2023

Significant growth in the powdered food packaging sector is happening all over the world, both in developed and the developing regions. With a wider range of opportunities and some of the best innovations in packaging being unveiled, there has never been a better time to up your game and look ahead.

Improving packaging speeds and quality control, creating consistency and increasing output – all major priorities for manufacturers right now. To address these improvements and meet global hygiene standards, manual processes are being replaced with automated solutions that can tick boxes at every level. We explore some of the challenges in powdered food packaging and show how one of our clients tackled them head on.


Tackle historical challenges in handling powdered foods

Powdered food has been popular for centuries and producers have always faced packaging challenges because of its flyaway nature. This has meant manual resource-heavy processes, which in turn hamper the speed and output needed to take advantage of any growth opportunities. Today, with rising costs and changing regulations and standards, manufacturers are also dealing with energy consumption, health, hygiene and safety concerns.

A modern, well-planned upgrade to include automatic packaging machines can improve operations across the board in one swoop. While this could be a fully automated packaging line, integrating key elements with existing machinery or processes can also make a difference to small or medium-sized set-ups.

The key to finding the right solutions to future proofing lies in the consultations you have with your packaging machine manufacturer. Often, we can see solutions to potential issues that the client may not have foreseen and can include them in our recommendations. We tailor our machines so that they meet specific needs. The powdered food sector is complex, and factors such as product bulk density, flow characteristics, potential dust cloud radius and more come into play.


Powdered food packaging in action

Jacob White works closely with manufacturers around the world to solve real challenges in the packaging department. Because of this, we’re often invited back when clients are ready to expand their operations.

Historically tricky in the industry, due to the flyaway nature of the powders, packaging these types of food stuffs has been a manual resource-heavy process, which brings another set of challenges in terms of food hygiene standards compliance.

Our client in the Lebanon, a powdered foods producer, acquired and used of one of our TFS cartoning machines from the refurbished packaging machine market. Specifically designed and built to improve consistency and quality control standards, the TFS is the ideal solution to upgrade from manual processes. It made such a difference to the business that when they were ready to expand the packaging line, they came straight to us for another.

Read the full case study here.


Can we help you package powdered foods?

We have been helping our clients with their packaging needs for more than 100 years and take pride in our industry leading reputation. We’re here to help, talk to us today or visit our powdered and other food packaging pages to find out more.

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