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Increasing Demand in the Packaging Industry for Automation

Posted by Carla Colwell
20th May, 2020

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to sweep the country, social distancing measures have altered the way businesses are operating. With staff lay-offs and reduced working hours in almost every manufacturing sector, supply chains are being slowed and damaged as a result.

Vital supply chains in the food and pharma sectors are crucial during the current situation and the demand is high – and rising. Authorities all over the world are working towards solutions to ease the logistics of getting food and medicines ‘to the shelves’, but with reduced resources, the supply is hampered from the very start.

In the packaging industry, where demand has increased significantly, manual and semi-automated production lines are being forced to run below full capacity. This is leading to a strong sway towards automation to create a safer, more protective working environment where social distancing is easily achievable, and output strengthened.


Investment vs. return

Moving away from manual production lines offers benefits outside the current social distancing guidelines and over the long term can deliver increased efficiency and lower energy consumption. 

Concerns have been rising across the packaging industry since the beginning of the pandemic about the high risks human intervention poses to the spread of bacteria. True, the food and pharma sectors operate at high levels of sterility, but the risks can never be fully negated when human contact is present in any form. 

This is why the demand for automation in the production line is rising significantly. The economic damage caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) cannot continue and with no sign of effective treatments or vaccines yet on the horizon, businesses are looking for ways to mitigate the risks and protect the workforce – and the supply chain – for at least the foreseeable future.

Moving towards automation is a viable solution that could also tick vital operational boxes in terms of enhanced productivity, consistency and the economics of business continuance after the crisis.


How Jacob White can help?

Jacob White has been working in the packaging industry for more than 100 years, building bespoke packaging machines for a wide range of sectors all over the world. During the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent global pandemic, we’ve been pulling out the stops to help turn around companies with fully automated packaging lines to enable the continuance of vital supply chains, while protecting the workforce and helping to create a safe working environment. With experience in the food and pharma industries, we understand how vital it is to mitigate the risks at granular level to combat both the spread of the virus and disruption to the supply chain. 

We’re maintaining social distancing by conducting video calls with our clients to discuss the ways in which we can help and are doubling our efforts to ensure timely delivery of the packaging machines you need – wherever you are in the world. If you’ve been concerned about the disruption to your packaging line, talk to us. Our experience gives us unique insights into your business model and we’re happy to talk you through the ins and outs of full automation and help you decide on the best way forward. 

Protect your workforce and your business through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond and realise the full, long-term benefits of an automated production and packaging line for your manufacturing business, regardless of sector. Talk to us today.

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