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Packaging Sustainability: future proofing through automation

Posted by Carla Colwell
16th August, 2023

Future proofing the packaging line is a multi-faceted project that cannot be taken lightly. It requires careful assessment of very precise needs and solutions that meet them seamlessly – from the shop floor – up.
As we move through 2023, we’re recognising a growing need to fill real gaps in the production line – and fast. Packaging machine specialists for over a century, at Jacob White we understand the importance of adapting to industry pressures and securing operations for the long-term. Let’s explore the possibilities together.


Facing and overcoming the operational challenges

In today’s operational environment, there are a range of challenges that manufacturers face, from compliance to recruitment, output and distribution. With rising demand, the opportunities are abundant, and operations of all sizes are looking for greater flexibility to help harness them.

Future proofing operations to gain this vital flexibility lies in the ability to scale the adoption of automation. Realistically, investment in new machinery requires some serious decision-making and knowing where to start can be challenging in itself.

The keys to future proofing are to recognise the opportunities, fully understand where the gaps are and identifying the core solutions that can plug them.


Filling the gaps in the production line

Flexible and scalable production lines are highly productive places where, ideally, output is high, and distribution is seamless. However, the traditional packaging shop floor relies heavily on recruitment and this can be one of the biggest issues facing operators of any size.
Automation has the ability to tick this box firmly, reducing resources reliance and simultaneously enabling greater quality control. By implementing the right solutions in the right areas, manufacturers can achieve the sustainability they need, while injecting the flexibility and vital scalability they want.
Automation can contribute much more than reducing the labour element, helping to fill multiple gaps in the production line:

  • Reduce the physical footprint required
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Conserve materials
  • Simplify the adoption of sustainable packaging materials
  • Adapt to multiple product runs
  • Reduce training and maintenance costs
  • Improve overall efficiency
  • Automate compliance – particularly in a food packaging environment
  • Create vital consistency
  • Accelerate output and distribution


Can we help?

While no single, off-the-shelf solution can fully meet every potential operational need, careful, overall assessment can first identify where the weaknesses lie in any production line – and this is the best place to start. We work closely with our clients to determine a priority list before we make any recommendations, spending time to ascertain very precise needs.

Tailored packaging machines, integrated exactly where they are needed, can truly pave the way, effectively future proofing and creating the sustainability that business of all sizes really need in today’s marketplace, whatever the industry sector.
As packaging machine manufacturers, we design machines that are highly integrable to fill the gaps in the production line, whether you’re looking to introduce semi- or fully-automated solutions. Talk to us today and let us help you plan your packaging sustainability strategies – future proof your operations with automated lines from Jacob White.

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