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High Speed Tissue Line Upgrade

High Speed Tissue Line Upgrade

High Speed Tissue Line Upgrade for Existing Jacob White Customer

Industry/Product Lines: tissue packaging, tissue cartons


Client Requirements:
An existing client of Jacob White’s were looking to increase the speed of their current tissue packaging line. They subsequently came to Jacob White Packaging with the following requirements:

  • High-speed packaging
  • Robust handling of delicate product
  • Reliable after sales service


Our Solution

As an existing client, Jacob White already had a good understanding of the company’s current procedures and processes. Because of this, we were able to easily collaborate to find a solution to ensure faster, more efficient tissue packaging for the business.
We know that automation is the key to speeding up production, while improving the quality of the packaging process and increasing consistency.


The End Result

Our customer chose the HS-T 6, which offered them a complete solution that speeds up the packaging process without compromising on the quality of handling delicate tissue products.

This packaging machine also come equipped with a “no carton, no product” reject unit which discards the product outside the guard line of the machine for convenience. Made from stainless steel, this automated packing machine ensures meeting hygiene standards is easy.
To ensure the speed of operations is maximised, loaded cartons are discharged from the machine using powered belts. The multiple size and variable speed settings are fast and simple to use, leading to a more flexible production line for short runs and different products.


From the Customer

“We were delighted to work with Jacob White again. This was the right machine for our needs, and we already know that their after sales service is excellent. These factors made the decision to select Jacob White really easy.
We were looking to increase the speed of our production line by upgrading our packaging machine. The HS-T 6 delivered not only a faster solution, the variable speed and box sides allows us to accommodate changing demands from our customers quickly and easily, with changes taking typically just a few minutes.

Jacob White packaging machines are a worthwhile, affordable investment that has given us the chance to modernise our operations and improve flexibility.“

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