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Tissue Packaging Machines

Tissue and Hygiene Product Packaging and Cartoning Machines Jacob White

Jacob White tissue packaging machines are among the best in the world. Designed specifically to package some of the most delicate products available, our machines deploy precision tissue handling at high speeds and varying sizes.

We build hygienic product and tissue packaging machines, tailored to suit precise needs, whether for a big brand production line or a small-to-medium sized operation. For more than 100 years, our reputation for the quality of both build and service has led the way in the industry – talk to the team today.


Packaging multiple tissue types

Some of the most delicate products, tissues have been historically difficult to control during the packaging stages. To handle all types of product with ease and efficiency, our machines can deliver a simplified approach to size and speed variations with minimal parts changes required. This can create a positive impact on output, minimising both downtime and training.

Tissues and hygienic products are typically available in a range of packaging types for the consumer.

Below are some of the products our machines can package for you:

Packaging Types

Tissue Packaging Machines Available

TFS Carton Sealing Machine

Manual tissue packaging for smaller operations

The Jacob White TFS carton sealing machine is ideal for smaller production-run tissue packaging operations and allows the operator to erect the carton and load the product by hand.

The loaded carton can then pass through the machine for final gluing using hot-melt applicators and discharged from the machine fully sealed, improving consistency and accelerating distribution.

Introducing a manual tissue packaging solution can create vital consistency in packaging and significantly improve operational output. The TFS enables increased quality control and efficiency, giving smaller manufacturing operations greater control over scalability.

See our machine and find out more TFS carton sealing machine


RSB Semi-Automatic Packaging Machine

Semi-automatic tissue packaging with size and speed variation options

This type of tissue packaging machine assists in larger operations and offers an on-demand system. Cartons are loaded by the operator, and once activated, automatically picks and erects the specific cartons using a rotary vacuum system.
The open carton is folded on the load side, ready for the operator to add the product. Powered side belts complete the sealing process and discharge the finished, fully packaged product. With variable speeds and carton size options with no parts changes required, this machine is perfect for tissue and hygienic product packaging.

See our machine and find out more Semi-automatic packaging with RSB


NS-X 6 Automatic Cartoner

Automatic cartoner with variable speed and product placement options

Our hygienic product and tissue packaging machines are also available with automatic cartoning options. This means that the automatic cartoner can erect cartons using vacuum pick up from a loaded magazine feeder, using product detection.

The product can be automatically or manually loaded into a product bucket, which slide over the opened, erected cartons. This allows for controlled, close loading of the product at the point of load.
This type of machine also has a failsafe if products are not loaded correctly or at all, enabling a QC ability before the final glue and seal process.

See our machine and find out more Automatic cartoner NS-X 6


CP-400 Case Packer

Automatic tissue case packer with various product collator options

The CP-400 offers user-friendly packaging in any environment and is fully suitable for clean use, making it ideal for tissue case packing. This machine is capable of running all types of packaging and can be supplied with product collators to suit your products and environment.
Whether you need flat packaging, multi-pack packaging or shelf-ready display tissue packaging, this machine can handle it all.

See our machine and find out more CP-400 Case Packer


HS-T 6 High Speed Cartoner

High-speed, automatic tissue cartoner with variable speed and size options

The HS-T 6 was developed especially for tissue packaging and is one of the latest additions to the Jacob White range. This machine offers a fully automatic, fully-compliant solution.

Cartons are handled automatically, erected by a 5-arm rotary system and placed onto moving carton flight chains. Using linear sliding product buckets, the HS-T 6 ensures full product control at the point of loading.

Protected by clear Perspex hinged guards, visibility is enhanced at this key point and further quality control enabled. The easily-removable guards also make routine maintenance and cleaning faster and easier.

See our machine and find out more Automatic cartoner HS-T 6


Maintaining a clean tissue packaging environment

Tissue products typically require a clean packaging environment to maintain the increasingly higher hygienic standards associated with the sector and the mitigation of the spread of disease. In recent years, fast-paced changes to safety regulations and hygienic standards have created additional challenges for packaging lines across the world. Coupled with increasing demand for tissue products, this has led many operators to work towards automation as a solution.
Recognised in many sectors as the answer to a wide range of challenges, the introduction of automation can help to improve hygienic standards by minimising human interaction and creating a ‘hands-off’ approach. Our tissue packaging machines are designed and developed to meet this essential requirement and are manufactured from high quality stainless steel, delivering food-safe standards.

Jacob White offers several types of machine suitable for hygienic product and tissue packaging, which can be tailored to suit the needs of our clients individually. With options for manual, semi-automated and fully automatic solutions, we can tailor a fully compliant tissue packaging line for operations of all sizes. Talk to us.

Why Choose Jacob White tissue packaging machines?


Long Standing Reputation

Jacob white, founded in 1911, is justifiably proud of its reputation throughout the world as one of the most versatile manufacturers of cartoning equipment. Our machines deliver high-productivity and versatility for even the most delicate tissue products through the entire packaging process.

Industry Leading Reputation for Hygienic Products and Tissues Packaging

The company produces a varied range of standard and custom-built machines which erect, fill and seal cartons to any degree of automation. Our machines are perfectly suited to a clean packaging environment and can easily handle delicate tissue products.

We have gained an industry-wide reputation for our ability to manage these traditionally hard-to-handle products. As a result, we have worked with businesses of all sizes all over the world, from big brands to small operations and emerging start-ups. Talk to us and let us help you implement a tissue packaging solution that provides a scalable, cost-effective approach for your needs.

Advanced Technology and Bespoke Manufacture

Jacob White has invested in the most appropriate computer technology to aid and speed the design process. Every machine is uniquely tailored to suit the individual range or type of products. We have achieved high levels of success in this field through a unique understanding of tissue packaging, cartoning and product handling.

The result can be demonstrated by highly innovative solutions to sensitive or difficult packaging problems.


Frequently Asked Questions about tissue packaging


How can a tissue packaging line adapt to multiple sizes?

Jacob White tissue packaging machines can have the option, on semi- and fully-automated models, to adapt to multiple sizes. This is done via a digital display and involves minimal change in parts, minimising downtime and training.


Can tissue packaging become hands-free?

With a fully automatic tissue packaging machine, such as the HS-T 6, it is possible to almost negate the human interaction element. With the unique tailoring in this machine, these traditionally flyaway products are fully controlled during loading processes, including box and carton erection and sealing.


What considerations should a business make when choosing a machine to package tissue products?

From physical space and energy usage to operational processes and meeting industry standards, there are many factors for a tissue packaging business to consider when planning the implementation of automation. Jacob White works closely with our clients to truly understand the business and its needs before recommending or tailoring any machine.


What types of tissue packaging machines do you offer?

We build and supply manual, semi-automatic and fully automated tissue packaging machines to streamline every part of the line, from carton erection to end-of-line case packing.


Can your packaging machines handle both family-sized and cube tissues?

Our tissue packaging machines can handle a wide range of box and cube tissues, wet wipes and feminine hygienic products. Using a digital interface, machines can adapt to multiple sizes and packaging types quickly, with minimal parts changes required.


Are your tissue packaging machines customisable to meet specific requirements?

Jacob White tissue packaging machines can be fully tailored to meet very specific requirements. We work closely with our clients from the consultation phase to determine precise needs, goals and existing operational practices to ensure the right solution is implemented.


What is the production capacity of your NS-X 6 tissue packaging machines?

The NS-X 6 automatic cartoner has an extensive, variable speed range, which is subject to size and board type and quality. It is capable of handling and packaging tissues at speeds of over 140 cpm.


Tissue Packaging Case Studies

Find out more about our tissue packaging solutions in action. Read our case studies below.



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