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5th Tissue Packaging Machine

5th Tissue Packaging Machine

UK ‘Man-Size’ Producer Orders 5th Jacob White Tissue Packaging Machine


Geographical Location: U.K.

Industry/Product Lines: Tissue packaging, healthcare products packaging



Client Requirements:

One of the UK’s largest tissue producers, looking to run man-sized tissues through its production line, needed a tissue packaging machine to handle the larger size products, while maintaining the speed and delicacy demanded by the line. They came to Jacob White Packaging to add a fifth packaging machine with the following requirements:

  • Ability to handle man-sized tissue packaging
  • Maintain fastpacking speeds
  • New intermediate side control guards to assist loading
  • Ability to cope with a wide range of sizes
  • Easy to operate with minimum training



Our Solution

We already had a deep understanding of the company, having worked with them on the installation of four other tissue packaging machines. We are well-known for the delicate handling ability of our packaging machines and we understood the detail they needed to accommodate the Man-Size tissues they produced.
We were able to install the RSB 3 semi-automatic tissue cartoning solution, well suited to the challenge, as it is capable of handling the larger tissue size at speeds of up to 100 cartons per minute, while maintaining the delicate handling needs of the product and meeting all the hygiene requirements for packaging.

The RSB 3 works on-demand from the operator, which offers improved quality control and flexibility. Cartons can be picked and erected automatically by means of a rotary motion vacuum system; it will then place the open carton into the continuously moving flighted chains. Operator loaded, whilst using the new intermediate guides, for faster, accurate results. The packaged tissues are automatically sealed and discharged from the cartoner.



The End Result

Our customer selected the RSB 3, which gave them a semi-automated solution with variable speed and size range. Fast changeover with no additional parts needed, the RSB 3 enabled both long and short-run production lines of varying sizes including the larger, Man-Size range.

This particular model was also upgraded to have intermediate guides. These are not fixed to any other semi-automatic cartoners. This helped with the loading process, due to the large tissue size. This tailored, semi-automated packing machine was the perfect addition, joining the other Jacob White machines on the tissue packaging production line for this returning client.



From the Customer

“It was an easy decision for us to come to Jacob White for a Man-Size solution. We already had four other machines and have always been happy with both the packaging machines and the service we receive.
The addition of the innovative intermediate guides was the ideal solution for the larger size tissues and the changeover process makes changing the size a fast and easy job, it can be done within five minutes.
We have always been happy with the service and packaging machines from Jacob White and we’re already benefiting from the fifth tissue packaging machine.”

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