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COVID-19 Support from Jacob White Packaging

COVID-19 Help from Jacob White Packaging

Jacob White Packaging is pleased to continue to provide help and support to our customers during this challenging period. Whilst we remain open for business, the health and wellbeing of our staff and visitors remains our first priority, and we have fully implemented social distancing measures throughout our premises. 

We continue to be available to work with you to establish project requirements through email, telephone and video conferencing, and there has been no impact on our own production schedules or machine delivery dates. 


The challenges to the packaging industry


Increasing demand on production lines

The current climate has impacted many companies in the food, hygiene and pharmaceutical sectors as they are being asked to up production and output, but social distancing means that there are fewer machine operators on the factory floor. 

The reduction in operators means that manual and semi-automatic packaging machines are now running below full capacity, at just the time we need to raise production levels to higher than ever before.


Worker safety and social distancing compliance

Factory floors and production lines often involve close contact in a confined space for operators and line managers. Whilst the social distancing measures have obvious impacts on production, they also impact the safety and well-being of staff. Staff members are unlikely to return to work if they feel unsafe on overcrowded factory floors. 

Staff sickness will also have far-reaching effects on your bottom line, and this may raise legal concerns as conformity and regulatory certification may well be updated to include this sort of protection.  


Company resources stretched 

For many companies, the challenges go far beyond simple output calculations. Balancing the books has never been harder as costs remain static despite underutilised buildings and equipment, staff on sick leave or self-isolating and entire supply chains being brought to a standstill as the same challenges are repeated across the globe. With financial hardship coming hand in hand with the current health crisis, it is critical for businesses to look for new ways to improve their bottom line.


Changing Specifications

Many companies have changed their production to products they have not previously produced, or are producing in quantities that they have never previously planned for. Existing machines may be inflexible, with changes in product line taking hours to effect by a skilled professional. This inflexibility makes responding to demand challenging and may cost you new business if you are unable to accommodate fast-changing requirements. 


Our Solution: Meeting Demand with Automation

Jacob White are committed to helping our clients deal with these challenges and provide solutions that automate production lines, making your business ready for the future. 

Automated packaging machinery has been proven to address the key issues faced in modern production:

  • Scaling up output - automated packaging machines have reduced downtime, no requirements for rest periods and no handover time meaning you can focus on meeting demand.
  • Operator safety - automated machines are manned by just one worker in general, meaning you can meet social distancing regulations, protecting your workforce, and getting the factory floor up and running.
  • Improved margins - due to the higher output and lower staffing costs automated packaging machines ensure higher profit margins and often pay for themselves extremely quickly.
  • Fast machine customisation - our automated machines can be quickly customised for new packaging, box sizes and all change over points fitted with quick release and digital readouts for easy changeover.


Taking the next steps

Jacob White is helping turnaround companies by upgrading existing installations with fully automated packaging machines. Our machines are built with the highest quality parts in the UK, and available all over the world. Contact us and see how we can automate your factory floor.

Find out how automation can help meet demand and protect the workforce.


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