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Supporting Our Clients with Social Distancing

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07th May, 2020

The production and packaging of food, pharma and healthcare is under pressure during the current pandemic situation as demand rises all over the world. These challenges are also being impacted by vital and necessary social distancing measures as workers on traditional factory floors are often in unavoidable close contact.

Protecting the workforce is rightly at the forefront of the decision-making across the supply chain at the current time. Social distancing has a crucial role in the plan to help slow down the spread of the new coronavirus, and many of the big brands are promoting it in logo changes and marketing campaigns. 

With fewer operators on the ground, manual and semi-automated packaging lines are running significantly below the required capacity and with increased demand, are being severely impacted as a result. With no clear end in sight, social distancing could become part of the new normal as factories need to keep working and maintaining output to meet demand and this has led to a shift in thinking about future operations over the long term.


How automation can help meet demand and protect the workforce

Automating across key areas of the production line can help to increase output, while respecting crucial social distancing measures on the factory floor and keeping employees protected at a safe distance from one another. Fewer personnel will be needed at any one time, as most automated packaging machines can be easily handled by one or two operators with little training. 

The benefits of automated machines can carry businesses over the long term, making traditional tasks much more fluid, enabling the workforce to increase productivity and output and creating a safer, more hygienic factory floor. 


Helping meet the bottom line when resources are stretched

All over the world, companies are suffering the effects of the lockdown and facing the same challenges both in terms of productivity and economics when static costs still need to be met. 

Automated packaging machines already address many of the common challenges that are faced in the production line and offer a modern approach to energy and resource usage, quality control and consistency and the ability to upscale output significantly. Because automation delivers higher output and lower reliance on manual labour it can help to expand the order book and make the ROI a fast achievement. 

When businesses are struggling to maintain output with overstretched resources, they may be faced with turning down orders and in the current climate, this can make a significant difference to the survival chances of any business.


How we can help?

We can help you deal with the challenges posed by social distancing and increased demand and are ready to offer you all the support you need to keep your operations moving. 

We can quickly customise our automatic packaging machines to suit your needs and protect your shop floor. With full size and speed variations, this means that shorter production runs of different products is made possible, enabling you to take new orders on fast during these challenging times. We build a unique system that requires no parts changeover and training is kept to a minimum as a result. 

We’re continuing to operate as normally as possible, while practicing social distancing for our workforce and production and delivery of our machines is unaffected. We can support you in upgrading existing packaging lines to full automation and can even speed up delivery of your solutions if need be. Let us talk you through the options via video call or over the phone and help you automate your operations and meet demand.


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