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How Blister Packs Have Improved Pharma Packaging

Posted by Carla Colwell
14th August, 2019

Blister packs are today a widely-accepted way to package common pharmaceutical tablet and capsule products across the industry and are one of the fastest-growing options. 

The pharma industry faces big challenges in terms of safety standards and compliance and these requirements are growing. Demand is increasing for extended product shelf life, child-resistant packaging and more complex design to reduce counterfeiting, to name but a few. 

With growth predicted to continue at an annual rate of 2.1% (2018-2023) in blister packaging, companies are looking towards achieving greater flexibility in the packaging department.


What are the benefits of blister packs over traditional bottles?

As shelf-life requirements increase, further research into the efficacy of packaging accelerates. Some pharma products are sensitive to moisture and blister packs, packaging individual products separately, greatly reduces the effects. Using the latest materials, blister packs can today handle even the most delicate pharma with greater sensitivity. 

The anti-tamper value of blister packs is clear, as each product is sealed inside and makes tampering efforts immediately visible. This method of packaging also gives patients access to medication individually, reducing accidental overdose and confusion over dosage and regularity. 

Accessibility is a big plus for blister packs over traditional bottles, which can become complicated with desiccants and other materials used to provide an effective, airtight seal. This means that the experience for the consumer is more complex. Blister packs tick the box for consumer satisfaction far more firmly.


Improving efficiency on the production line

Blister packaging can offer operational efficiency across the packing and shipping process. Jacob White packaging machines are tailored and compatible with blister packs and offer flexibility through speed and size variations. 

With options for both automated and semi-automatic machines with on-demand operation, your production line can maintain consistency and complete visibility, allowing for greater quality control at every level. Jacob White works closely with our pharma clients to ensure a solution that perfectly matches every requirement. 

Visit the blister packs packaging page to find out more and talk to us today about how blister packs could change and improve your pharma production line. 

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