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Are You Ready to Automate Tissue Packaging

Posted by Carla Colwell
12th April, 2022

With significant growth predictions for the coming years, the tissue packaging market is certainly not to be sneezed at. Demand for all types of tissue is soaring, and as technology in packaging machines becomes increasingly innovative, automation is helping manufacturers to meet these rising demands and future-proof their operations.

Retrofitting using automation is on the increase all over the world and packaging lines of all sizes are benefitting. However, tissue handling has always been notoriously difficult to automate and control. These extremely delicate, lightweight items require a tender touch and packaging machine manufacturers have historically found this difficult to navigate. 

A refit is a significant investment; one that can reduce operational costs and increase productivity but be an expensive mistake if you choose unwisely. This is why it is important to ensure that when you’re ready to automate tissue packaging in your business, you use your retrofit budget in the best way possible, choosing a solution that meets your needs precisely. 


It’s all in the planning

Finding the right fit in terms of machinery requires careful planning, and this starts with an assessment of the premises. You’ll need to make sure the premises are ready for automation in terms of the physical space and the electrical capability, infrastructure and local regulatory compliance, permissions and certification requirements.

Working with the right machine manufacturer is an essential part of your automation process. You’ll need the right advice from knowledgeable professionals that understand both the operational benefits and the challenges that the client needs to solve with automation. 


Choosing the right tissue packaging machine

The tissue packaging industry has its own unique set of packaging challenges, being extremely delicate, lightweight products. Tissues are also packaged in several ways to accommodate cube tissues, man-sized and family-sized, in addition to compact and pocket-sized versions. Handling vulnerable products in so many varying sizes has proved historically challenging and this is perhaps why many packaging lines have remained manual and semi-automated for so long. 

With the right manufacturer, tissue packaging lines can be uniquely tailored to very specific requirements and the latest technology has the capability to completely change tissue packaging for good. 


Can Jacob White help you automate?

Jacob White has developed a reputation for innovation, and we have a range of machines developed specifically for tissue packaging. Using overhead compression units and a series of manual and digital adjustment points, our latest tissue packaging machine is designed to handle a wider range of tissue sizes, enabling product range expansion and short runs of varied products – at much higher speeds.  

Because this simplified system reduces downtime with no parts to change over, operational productivity is significantly increased. This means that manufacturers can meet rising demand and also harness a much wider range of opportunities, effectively future-proofing.

We work with tissue producers across the industry to automate tissue packaging processes and understand the pressures of rising demand and the current inconsistency surrounding regional, national and global compliance and regulatory control. If you’re ready to automate tissue packaging, talk to us and let us help you find the right solutions to future-proofing.


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Automating your packaging line can give your business the vital flexibility it needs in today’s market, where future-proofing is key. Download your free copy of ‘A Buyer’s Guide: Getting Your First Packaging Machine’  and let’s get started.

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