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Automate Food Packaging Efficiency and Embrace Diversity

Posted by Carla Colwell
22nd April, 2024

With market predictions for the food packaging sector showing strong, upward growth, opportunities for diversity are still numerous for businesses of all sizes. Introducing automation at some level is key to increasing efficiency and allowing manufacturers to embrace these possibilities.
We’re here to highlight how automation can help to unleash the full power of the production line and overcome some of the most common challenges faced in food packaging – for today, and tomorrow.

Global forecast for the food packaging sector

According to market reports, the global food packaging market is expected to rise from $353.7 billion USD in 2023 to almost $593 billion by 2033 (2022 at $336 billion). This represents a 10-year forecast period, over which sales are predicted to rise at a healthy 5.3% CAGR.
This promising growth has been familiar news for the sector over the past five years. Changing consumer habits, advancing technology and the introduction of newer, more innovative materials are all contributing trends, making this an exciting time for the nutritional products and food packaging sector.

The benefits of automating food packaging

Automating food packaging can bring a wide range of benefits for operations of all sizes. There are varying degrees of automation, which can tick off vital compliance and hygienic standards, reduce resource reliance and increase the consistency needed to streamline and future proof.
Augmenting a manual line, whether for packaging or end-of-line cartoning, introduces consistency and improves quality control.

Introducing semi-automatic food packaging machines further streamlines production and helps to reduce the reliance on manual resources. This can be particularly beneficial for manufacturers looking to expand and diversify, with minimal downtime for production run changes.
When food packaging lines become fully automated, businesses benefit from a hands-free approach and the opportunity to embrace diversity in a number of ways. At Jacob White, we can help manufacturers decide the best approach for their unique operational circumstance – working closely with them to find the ideal level of automation to suit their needs.

Introducing automation into the packaging line

Whether you are working on a complete rethink of operational processes or are simply looking to augment a packaging line for a specific reason or purpose, planning is key. This is where a good packaging machine manufacturer will demonstrate its value.
Making a switch to automation requires careful consideration of both operational and the physical attributes of the business – location and physical space, compliance standards, existing processes, current local legislation and regulations, energy requirements, product lines and more.
Which machinery you choose for food packaging will be influenced by these considerations and also by the future vision of the business. When making what is often a considerable investment in technology, it is important to make sure that the solution is the right fit – not just to overcome today’s challenges, but also those of tomorrow. Scalability and future proofing need to go hand-in-hand for this type of decision.


Let us help you with your food packaging line

We are dedicated to helping our clients embrace diversity and the existing and emerging opportunities across the food packaging sector. We understand working practices and identify the needs of our clients through close consultation and recommend solutions to meet specific requirements.
The packaging industry is benefiting from some of the most exciting packaging advancements today, fuelled by rising demand, global standards, materials innovation and calls for sustainability. Automation is the answer to future proofing, and we can help elevate your food packaging operations and provide scalability for years to come.

At Jacob White, we’ve been building food packaging machines to take on the challenges and tackle inefficiencies for more than 100 years. We’re here to help automate, streamline and future-proof your food packaging operations with solutions that perfectly suit your needs. Talk to us.

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Automate Food Packaging Efficiency and Embrace Diversity

Automate Food Packaging Efficiency and Embrace Diversity

With market predictions for the food packaging sector showing strong, upward growth, opportunities for diversity are still numerous for busi...

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