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A Better Way to Package Short-Run Products

Posted by Carla Colwell
26th January, 2023

Packaging smaller volumes of multiple products could be a promising opportunity for small-to-medium sized packaging businesses this year. Here at Jacob White, we know that it isn’t always easy with downtime, parts changes and training to consider.

Implementing solutions that simplify size and speed variables could be the answer to providing a better way to handle these short-run production opportunities.


What is a ‘short run’ packaging process?

Packaging small volumes of different products is reasonably typical for smaller packaging businesses. Some take on a range of contracts, packaging different products for a variety of clients, often within the same sector to keep things simple. This process is often called a ‘short run.’

With a small footprint, many of these businesses are limited in capacity and so efficiency is key to turn around contracts in short runs. This means ensuring that the products are packaged quickly, consistently and meet all the compliance requirements before being cartonned and distributed at the end of the line.

Often, these types of runs require adjustments to allow for size and speed changes, which may vary from client to client. Changeovers can prove historically technical, involving staff training, precise handovers and an inevitable period of downtime.


How to increase efficiency in a short run product packaging line

Downtime on a packaging line has to be at the absolute minimum, particularly in a smaller set up, where every second counts. In a traditional line, it is often difficult to shorten the time it takes to change the necessary parts needed to accommodate a product change. Today, there is a better way.

As packaging machine manufacturers for over 100 years, we understand the importance of time critical operations, which must be seamless to maintain a smaller business’ bottom line. We developed our machines to simplify the changeover process and keep downtime to a minimum.

Our packaging machines can be adjusted from a digital interface within minutes – with no parts changeover required. This means that specialist training is also minimised, and the traditional stock of parts can be reduced.

Even with partial automation, efficiency can be realised and improved quickly. This can also help to relieve some of the more challenging aspects of seasonal recruitment requirements, particularly useful to smaller businesses with short run contracts.


Case Study

For example, one of our clients required assistance in improving the way it packaged small volumes of different meat and poultry products. In this instance, the business needed to create better consistency, increase the speed of output and to reduce the downtime associated with the limited size capacity of its existing line.

To suit the clients’ precise needs, we recommended a solution with a small footprint that maintained the quality control and manual demand they preferred but simplified and accelerated the changeover process.

Read the full case study here.


Can we help you?

We bring experience, knowledge and innovation to a wide range of packaging processes with an aim to deliver the efficiency you need in a fast-changing world. Talk to us about your operations and let us help you to harness some of the latest opportunities for short run products in the packaging industry today. Give us a call.

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