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Can your packaging machines deliver the flexibility you really need?

Posted by Carla Colwell
31st August, 2020

At a time where we are seeing unprecedented demand throughout the packaging industry, is it time to find a more flexible approach to packaging machines?

Manufacturers all over the world are getting to grips with the opportunities that await them as demand grows across many industry sectors. We are seeing innovation and diversity in product lines and operations as priorities change. There has also been an increase, however in the widespread challenges faced in terms of resources management, production, packaging, distribution and logistics:

  • Increased demand
  • Social distancing in the workforce
  • Reduced resources
  • Increased hygiene measures
  • Higher standards
  • Materials shortages
  • Interrupted supply chains
  • And more.

It is widely accepted that to address the challenges successfully, a more widespread adoption of automated packaging machines will be needed. However, investing in automation to handle multi-product packaging requires careful consideration.

Automating the packaging process

While bringing automated packaging in-house can help manufacturers take a more direct approach to distribution, some systems can also limit the options for packaging. Many packaging machines are designed for productions that essentially handle one package type over a long-run. Adjustments to these types of automated packaging machines often require parts changeover, which results in costly downtime and increased training.

Not all manufacturers have the resources, the investment capital or the physical space for multiple automated packaging lines. This has traditionally made third-party packaging the only viable option from a cost perspective for some multi-product manufacturers. 

What multi-product manufacturers should look for in a packaging machine

To fully realise the benefits of automation across the packaging process, it is important to choose the right packaging machines. With the industry experiencing fast-changing priorities, standards and demands, there is a need to ensure that your operations are flexible enough to adapt and evolve alongside.

Diversity is a growing trend for manufacturers in a wide range of sectors. Multi-product manufacturers can benefit from choosing packaging machines that can adapt to their diversity without holding up operations for any length of time.

Scalability is another important factor to consider and it goes hand-in-hand with flexibility too, especially at the current time. As the packaging industry evolves and faces changes in rising demand, regulations, materials and many more challenges, scalable packaging machines can give you a long-term, flexible system that will grow and evolve as your business needs do.

A tailored approach from Jacob White

Not every company is the same. Therefore, it is important to find the right packaging machines for your individual needs. The ideal packaging line for you may not be available off-the-shelf and customisation is worth far more in the long term than selecting a system that ticks only half your boxes.

Jacob White packaging machines are designed to offer a range of size and speed options without the need for any changeover of parts. This means that downtime is kept to a minimum and short production runs are made more cost efficient. Because our machines are easy to operate by one or two operators, social distancing can be maintained, shift patterns extended, and quality control measures can be significantly enhanced. Our machines create flexibility and are fully scalable to suit your needs as production changes.

To help you get the best from your packaging machines, Jacob White takes a tailored approach. Through working closely with our clients, we can determine the best fit for your requirements. We create a cost-effective and scalable packaging system that is ready to deliver the flexibility you need for your packaging operations. Talk to us or visit the automated packaging machines page to find out more.

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