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Case Packers: Get Your Packaging Line Moving Again with Jacob White

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05th October, 2020

The end-of-line packaging process is arguably one of the most important, especially at the current time with operations affected by the global health crisis. Jacob White case packers are playing a critical role in streamlining the vital final packaging and distribution stages for our customers, and they have been accelerating production and logistics as a result.

Consumer demand is rising all over the world in many ways. From hygiene to sustainability (and always a faster delivery time), the traditional packaging line has been struggling to keep up and the industry is realising that widespread change is needed.

At Jacob White, we have been supporting our manufacturing customers throughout the crisis, helping them to streamline their end-of-line packaging and distribution stages and keep production lines moving at the most critical time. As manufacturing struggled with a dramatically reduced workforce on the ground, delaying vital distribution, automation at these key points has ensured not only continued operations, but is supporting growth.


Automate and streamline end-of-line packaging

As demand is showing no signs of slowing, the packaging industry is looking forward to a period of new growth.  It is clear across the industry that to meet this rising demand and run with the trend, automating key processes, from product placement to end-of-line packaging, is an important part of future-proofing the business. This is where Jacob White case packers are providing the answer for manufacturers of all sizes.

With a still-cautious return to work by the people on the ground, automated and integrated case packers are helping manufacturers tick several boxes:

  • Accelerated production
  • Increased hygiene standards
  • Reduced human contact
    • Integration can create a contactless packaging line
  • Consistent packaging
  • Streamlined logistics and distribution
  • Improved stock control
  • Adapt to multiple products packaging
    • POS packaging
    • Primary packaging
    • Secondary packaging
    • Tertiary packaging


Finding a long-term, scalable approach

The world is fast-evolving at an unprecedented rate. With opportunities in emerging markets, expanding or diversifying product lines is becoming commonplace among a growing business community. There is also a rising trend in direct-to-consumer selling, particularly in the healthcare and hygiene sectors, and the production and packaging line is evolving alongside. Therefore, it is important to find an approach to packaging that can provide scalability over the long-term and grow with your operations as needed.

As more manufacturers access direct-to-consumer distribution channels, the need for end-of-line packaging becomes more important. In order to streamline this side of the business and keep costs realistic, case packers can be integrated into an automated or semi-automated packaging line and provide a consistent approach to this vital stage.


How to choose the right case packer

Whether you’re replacing your current case packing machine, upgrading existing manual end-of-line packaging or starting from scratch, there are a few things you should bear in mind.


Scalability should be a crucial part of the decision-making process. You need to choose a case packer that can handle the realities of the fast-evolving landscape of your industry sector and keep up with demand. If growth expectations are high for the next five years, then scalability is essential when considering your packaging investment.


Manufacturers are becoming more flexible about product lines and expanding or diversifying to meet the growing needs of businesses and consumers. Because of this, your case packer needs to be flexible too, and handle different types of materials, products and sizes.


If you’ve had to increase production, choosing a reliable case packer is essential. Packaging machines operating 24/7 need to be well-built, well-maintained and be backed up with good technical support should something go wrong.


Across the packaging industry standards are rising in several ways. From minimising waste and increasing recycling to health, hygiene and traceability, both consumers and regulators are putting pressure on the industry to tighten up or fall behind. This means that we are likely to see many more packaging lines turn to automated packaging machines and integrated case packers to tick vital standards boxes in the future.


How Jacob White is helping manufacturers

Jacob White has been supporting manufacturers for more than 100 years in the packaging industry. With a unique insight into the challenges faced over the long-term in an evolving environment, we understand how important scalability and flexibility really are for your packaging lines.

The Jacob White CP-400 Case Packer is offering our customers in a wide range of sectors a reliable, flexible and fully scalable approach to end-of-line packaging. Fully adjustable and customisable to your precise requirements, our case packer machine could also help you to streamline and accelerate operations and get your products moving again safely.

Designed for use in all types of packaging environments, our automatic case packing machine combines the key functions needed for faster, more efficient and cost-effective operations. The CP-400 automates these three key end-of-line packaging processes:


  1. Case Erecting / Case Opening
    Each case is vacuum picked from a magazine and opened or erected before being placed into the flighted chains.
  2. Case Filing / Case Loading
    From the flighted chains in the machine, the cases are indexed along to each station for filing. This can be done for end load, or wrap around, box folding.
  3. Case Sealing / Case Closing
    Cases are moved through the machine using precise motion ensuring smooth motion before case closure, gluing and ejection from the machine.


Talk to us about how a case packer could benefit your production line. We can support you with social distancing requirements and help you overcome some of the most challenging aspects of continuing your operations. Visit the case packing machines page to find out more.

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