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Coffee Packaging Market to Grow Over the Next Five Years

Posted by Carla Colwell
18th August, 2022

The coffee packaging market has recently been predicted to grow to more than $991 million over the next five years. The TMR study, released in the US in August 2022, forecasts a CAGR of 4.7% from 2022 to 2027. With a market value of US$ 991.6 million predicted to be surpassed by the end of 2027, driving trends in materials and ready-to-drink a key area of consumer interest, there is much to get excited about.

The European region is forecast to hold about 30% of this market during the next five years - are you ready to embrace the ensuing opportunities? 


Trends driving coffee packaging

According to the outline of the report, there are specific global trends behind its predictions:

Rising coffee consumption

All over the world, there has been a boom in coffee sales and consumption in recent times. This is centred around the 20-40 age group, who generally prefer sustainable packaging too.

This age group is increasing its general preference for non-alcoholic drinks. As a result, there has been innovation in terms of coffee flavouring, and this is expected to continue a cycle of further demand. 


The convenience of ready-to-drink

A significant shift in demand in the ready-to-drink sector is offering coffee and packaging market players another opportunity. With a driving need to introduce a wider range of packaging for these types of products, the industry faces a raft of new possibilities.


Reducing packaging waste

As more consumers become environmentally aware, the demand for better attention to packaging waste has grown significantly. Bags and pouches are commonly used in the coffee packaging sector and paper-based materials are expected to gain traction in the coming years. Lighter, more flexible and using fewer raw materials, these types of packaging are predicted to play an important role in shaping the future of the sector.



Sustainability isn’t just about sourcing the right materials and a growing number of major coffee brands are taking a wider approach. Improving efficiency in resources, labour management and the energy consumption is starting to take a front seat. 

While both demand and environmental awareness is growing around the world, now is the time to consider how we meet the expectations of consumers. The packaging sector has an opportunity to not only tick these boxes for consumers but also create a sustainable and successful future for the industry. 


Improving efficiency to manage growth on the production line

There is little doubt, as we saw during the early months of the pandemic, that meeting high demand and facing rising compliance can be challenging. The world is operating ‘normally’ again, but it has left us with valuable lessons learned in terms of future-proofing. To fully embrace the opportunities in the sector, production lines will need to be end-to-end efficient and bottom-line budget-proof too. 

In some areas, such as paperboard for example, with a predicted CAGR of 4.8%, a significant rise in demand is expected. With this significant step closer to sustainable packaging for coffee products is exciting. Metals may also make a comeback and help provide a solution for ready-to-drink options. This means that packaging lines should be as flexible as possible to handle a wider range of materials.


How automation can increase flexibility

Automating key parts of the coffee packaging process can be the answer to increasing flexibility across the line. Integrating the right packaging machines can give you the opportunity to embrace a wider range of products and materials with minimal downtime. 

It can also contribute significantly to reducing labour costs, resource usage and energy while increasing production. Whether you choose a fully automated line, a semi-automatic machine to improve food handling compliance or automated end-of-line case packing, automation can make a big difference.


Talk to us

Jacob White packaging machines have, for more than a hundred years, deliver efficiency and flexibility to packaging lines of all sizes. We know that all over the world, many industry sectors like the coffee packaging market are experiencing growth now and it is predicted to continue.

To meet demand, automating packaging processes creates vital flexibility and increases output, which is exactly what you need. Through close consultation, we learn your current processes, find out what your goals are and then we help you meet them.

If you’re looking to diversify or encompass a wider range of coffee packaging types, we build machines that change size and speed with no parts and minimal downtime. Talk to us.

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