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Consumer-driven Bioplastics Packaging Demands Announced

Posted by Carla Colwell
18th December, 2019

Earlier in December at the 14th European Bioplastics Conference in Berlin, the results of the European Bioplastics annual market data review were announced, confirming a significant shift in consumer-driven demand for more environmentally conscious use of materials for both manufacture and packaging.

A steadily increasing demand for sustainability is set to increase the global bioplastics market by more than 15%, according to the update, over the next five years.


Ongoing research and development in bioplastics

The drive for development in sustainable materials has been accelerating for the last few years as consumers have become far more interested in the materials they buy than ever before. With different categories of bioplastics and innovative use of biopolymers, such as polypropylene and polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) is on the rise.



The use of PHAs, which entered the marketplace at a commercial level is significantly increasing, supported by some major brands looking for sustainable packaging in the snack foods market. It is thought that production capacity for PHA packaging solutions will triple before 2024 due to their biodegradable features.



Bio-based polypropylene materials are expected to rise in use by up to six times the current figures over the next five years. Just this year, a Finnish plastics refining company announced the first parallel commercial production of bio-based polypropylene and low-density polyethylene for a wide range of sectors. This will lead to expected increases in versatility and will provide the perfect replacement for polythene and other fossil-based plastics currently in use.


A viable alternative to plastic bottles

A significant shift in focus in the plastic bottles sector provides an interesting development for the coming years. The development of polyethylene furanote (PEF), a bio-based material with thermal and barrier applications is expected to ensure release and use within the next four years, according to the European Bioplastics report.

Across Europe and Asia, the bioplastics industry is working hard to develop sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic bottles. Asia is ahead of the game, with an estimated 45% of bioplastics currently coming out of the region. Europe is expected to reach a 30% share of the market by 2024.


How Jacob White can help your packaging line with sustainability

Jacob White works with worldwide clients to deliver packaging automation with almost limitless options. If you’ve been thinking about changing the way your packaging performs, talk to us. With more than 100 years in the packaging industry, we offer a unique, tailored service and can guide you through with unmatched experience and knowledge.

We believe in sustainability too and can help tailor your packaging machines to handle multiple product lines and short-run production, reducing energy consumption and reliance on resources. Our machines can handle a wide and varied range of packaging materials, whether you’re manufacturing beauty products, snack foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals and everything else in between.

Call Jacob White today for a no-obligation chat about your drive for sustainable packaging.

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