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Falling GBP Contributes to UK Food Packaging Market Automation

Posted by Carla Colwell
22nd July, 2019

According to industry professionals, the UK's traditional manual food packaging processes are being gradually moved aside to make way for automation as the falling Pound forces manufacturers to tighten their belts. Also cited as further contributors are the rising minimum wage and the decline over the past few years of European workers taking up these typically popular production line jobs.

All these elements are helping to drive the UK's production lines to automation, which can help to reduce resource requirements and lower energy consumption to boot. Here at Jacob White we have seen many changes in food packaging market – processes, regulations, materials and more – over our operation during the last 100 years and we know that automation strengthens operations at many levels.


Why automating manual packaging lines works

Moving to automation whether fully or in part with semi-automated solutions, can benefit production lines of all sizes in several ways, not just in the operational cost savings. For the food packaging market, regulation is high and increasing – and this is a factor that will continue to affect the UKs food industry.

Improving consistency - automation of key processes improves consistency across the board and gives a large production ‘feel’ to the finished products in even the smallest operation. Consistency helps brand reputation and awareness and is a vital part of the packaging process.

Increasing quality control – both semi- and fully-automatic cartoning offers a chance to increase the quality of the finished packaged product and give greater control and visibility with one or two-person operation. For food packaging, this also includes ensuring regulations are met.

Increasing productivity – there is an undoubtable opportunity to increase production through automation in cartoning processes. Taking this with increased consistency, higher quality and reduced resources, manufacturers can make budgeting easier to manage.

Improved safety – when automated production is in operation, manual operators are there simply to activate and oversee the packaging process. With overload protection and manual override controls, safety can be significantly improved too.


How Jacob White can help you with

Jacob White automatic packaging machines help to streamline your operation at every level. We can help you to tick the boxes in terms of standards, control, safety, consistency, energy efficiency and operational productivity, while enabling better opportunities for you to keep control of your resources and budget. 

When our clients buy an automatic or semi-automatic cartoning machine from us, we keep their specific needs at the forefront of the design process, tailoring the packaging machines to ensure the right fit. With over 100 years in the industry, we have a unique understanding of the packaging market, the regulations and the current trends. 

If you’re trying to bring automation to your packaging production line to strengthen operations and meet long-term budgeting goals, contact us through the on-page messaging form or call us to talk to the team on (0044) (0)1322 272531. 

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