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Five things to know about buying packaging machines

Posted by Carla Colwell
15th December, 2021

Whether you’re introducing a new product line or updating your existing equipment, buying packaging machines isn’t something to invest in lightly. This is especially relevant in today’s current climate of global uncertainty, where scalability should be the pivot point of operations.

2021 has been an exceptional year so far, this uncertainty surrounding the economics of swathes of manufacturers means that it is even more important to make sure your investments are going into the right places. As packaging machines manufacturers with a 108-year history, we have built a vast library of knowledge and experience. Not only about the challenges of the industry, but also about where the greatest benefits can be found. If you need to invest in packaging machines for your business, here are five important things we think you need to know.



Today more than ever, your production and packaging lines need to remain flexible and be able to adapt to your operations. This could mean that you need a packaging machine that is capable of handling multiple products in short runs or that is adaptable to different types of materials, for example. 

If you’re thinking about scalability, choose a packaging machine that can be operated with minimum training, especially if you’re experiencing or expecting a high staff turnover. 



Future-proofing any business is of paramount importance in the current times and this is a big lesson manufacturing is learning as an industry. In addition to ensuring the continuing operation of your production and packaging line in line with demand, safety and hygiene requirements are ever-increasing. 

Moving to an automated packaging solution is ticking the boxes for many manufacturers across the world. With speed, size and output variations businesses are much more capable of flexibility and the minimised human contact in automated systems contributes to greater hygiene standards. When you can remove some of the largest challenges through automation, future-proofing can become much more achievable.



Automation across the packaging processes is going to become the future of sustainable operations, according to many industry professionals. As we’ve discussed above, there is widespread consensus that automation, either in full or part, will play a critical role in future-proofing. 

When you choose your packaging machines, find out more about the integrable properties of some of the latest solutions. If you’re heading for complete automation, to streamline your distribution processes too, for example, you’d look for an end-to-end system. This might include a semi-automated packaging machine at the filling stage but end with a fully automated case packer to enhance and accelerate distribution.

From a hygiene perspective, moving to automation effectively reduces human contact with the product and the packaging. This type of system is ideal for supporting vital social distancing and can increase efficiency, even when there are fewer people on the ground. With hygiene measures and guidelines changing at a consistent pace, keeping this as a focus of priority is important.


Energy efficiency

Some of the largest traditional packaging machines are heavy on resources. Many manufacturers are often surprised at the levels of inefficiency in their packaging environments when compared to some of the latest machines. 

Even when operating at full capacity, the latest packaging machines can be significantly more efficient in terms of energy consumption than even some of their manual or semi-automated predecessors. 

It is important to harness the capabilities of the latest technologies in the packaging sector to truly achieve a sustainable, efficient approach to manufacturing and production.



The support offered by your packaging machine manufacturer will be, in some ways, as important as the machine itself. Packaging machines and production lines need a reliable support network to keep operations running as seamlessly as possible. 

Downtime is a dread of any business, and especially at peak demand times. Therefore a good support, parts and service offering should play a critical part in your decision making process for a packaging machine.  

Jacob White offer industry-leading parts and service support, wherever you are in the world, delivering peace of mind for continuing operations and minimised downtime. 


Helping you choose the most suitable packaging machines

Jacob White packaging machines have been developed for more than 100 years to tick vital boxes for a client’s individual needs. Over more than a century, we’ve worked closely with our clients to help them overcome the challenges of their production and packaging lines. We have gained unmatched and extremely valuable insights about how industries need to adapt and remain flexible so that a scalable solution can be found that doesn’t require further investment to keep up with the times. 

Talk to Jacob White about automating your packaging machines and let us help you find the right fit for your business. 

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