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How to Reduce Packaging Costs and Improve Production

Posted by Carla Colwell
22nd April, 2019

Product packaging contributes to business success more than many companies realise. With rising consumer expectations in packaging trends, greater environmental awareness and a demand for more innovation in packaging, businesses face ever-increasing challenges and rising costs.

While some companies look to improving the production line to achieve a better ROI, streamlining the packaging process could have a significant impact on reducing operating costs and simultaneously enhancing the finished, packaged product as a result.

Time for a rethink about packaging

Modern packaging machines can include a range of innovations to help streamline the packaging process and manage costs, and Jacob White machines can be uniquely tailored to the needs of the business. 

When packaging is made a priority in the development of new products, issues such as over-packaging and labour-consuming processes are negated or reduced right from the start. This simple solution can ensure that packaging costs are kept within budget and efficiency maximised.

The latest packaging machine capabilities enable much greater flexibility in the design process for packaging of all types. With consumer expectation rising, taking a fresh look at packaging materials, shape, size and finished design, can also benefit the production line and ultimately increase the saleability of the products.

Upgrading packaging equipment – investing in the future

Often, the production and packaging line is manually-driven. Using semi-automated packaging machines can give greater consistency to packaging and strengthen branding. Semi-automation keeps a level of operator control, which can increase quality control, yet reduce the resources needed during manual packaging processes.

Reducing operational resources not only reduces costs but increases efficiencies across the entire production. Jacob White semi-automatic packaging machines also offer greater flexibility to cope with a range of different products, without changing parts, further increasing operational productivity and streamlining processes significantly. 

How automating packaging processes can increase energy efficiency

Historically, automated packaging machines were pretty energy-heavy. Today’s machines are built to embrace the latest technologies for greater energy efficiency, reducing utility bills dramatically and allowing much greater scope for materials.

A cost-effective and efficient production and packaging line offers businesses the best chance to compete in a consumer-driven marketplace, enabling consistent quality, enhanced branding and greater flexibility in materials use.

Jacob White work closely with our clients and specialise in packaging solutions for even the most delicate products. Talk to us about streamlining your packaging processes and see how much your business can save. Maximise your ROI and increase customer satisfaction with advanced packaging machines from Jacob White. An investment in the future of your business.

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