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Increasing the Flexibility of Asian Snacks Packaging

Posted by Carla Colwell
20th December, 2022

The global market value of the snacks food sector reached over $110 billion USD in 2021. As biscuits and cakes remain among the world’s favourites, it comes as no surprise that CAGR is expected to rise by around 5% over the next five years.

Across Southeast Asia, demand for snack foods is rising fast and for many producers and handlers in the region, this spells opportunity. We take a closer look at how one of our clients is harnessing the benefits of automated packaging and opening new doors to increase flexibility.


Expanding flexibility to meet increasing demand

Automated packaging machines pave the way to increased production, streamlining processes and minimising resources – key in today’s compliance-heavy and increasingly expensive foods handling environment.

Across Asia, where rising demand is driving producers to broaden their product horizons, brands are producing and handling a much wider range of snacks. This means that packaging lines have to adapt to accommodate different packaging types and products. Downtime for changeovers can have an impact when accelerated output is the goal. Because of this, it has become increasingly more important to consider flexibility when shopping for solutions.


Keeping up with regulatory standards

Rising costs and increasing regulatory controls over the past few years are proving challenging all over the world. Always with understandably high standards, food sectors are today facing frequent changes in regulation surrounding handling and human intervention. This has led to an industry-wide growing understanding that future-proofing to protect production has now become a vital step.

Introducing automation to food product packaging and product transfer processes can tick essential local, national and global regulatory requirements. This is because machines inevitably remove the hands-on approach to packaging and almost eradicate the risk of contamination.


Minimising resources and introducing flexibility

With energy costs rising all over the world, many operators have been forced to think outside the box and do everything they can to minimise operational resources.

Automating key features of the packaging line can offer added flexibility in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Practical shift pattern extensions, optimising off-peak usage and manual resources
  • Optimised quality control, safety and other processes
  • Accelerated cartoning and distribution
  • Minimised need for additional seasonal workers
  • Minimal downtime with simplified digital size and speed adjustments
  • Automatic regulatory compliance


Integrating additional packaging machines

An efficient packaging line can be further enhanced with the introduction of and integration of compatible machines, especially in the wide-ranging snack foods sector. Our Southeast Asian client came to us for help with a fourth packaging line, following previous experience with Jacob White.

Case Study

Increased flexibility and the ability to quickly switch product lines were the top priorities for a business set up that simply wasn’t enough to meet its growing needs.
For the Jacob White team, the priority is to take the time to fully understand the client’s needs. Through close consultation, we gain the most valuable insights and can fully recommend, using knowledge and wide experience, the machines that meet them.

For this client, we recommended an automatic cartoner and the NS-X 5 integrated smoothly into the operational environment. Today, the client is achieving greater flexibility and is continuing to grow within the snack food industry in Asia.

Read the full case study here  


About Jacob White Case Studies

Jacob White case studies highlight the benefits of our packaging machines in real situations and working environments. We also hope that they demonstrate our commitment to ensuring the best possible solutions for our clients around the world.

Read all our case studies here.


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