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Introducing packaging machine rentals at Jacob White

Posted by Carla Colwell
09th February, 2021

For more than 100 years, Jacob White has been at the forefront of the packaging machine industry. As one of the UK's leading packaging machine specialists, we understand the pressures, challenges and opportunities better than most. 

During the global health crisis, we’ve been supporting our clients through these exceptional times and we’ve all learned to adapt together. As a part of our service, we’ve made packaging machines available for hire to help take off some of the pressure caused by the pandemic. This included understanding the challenge of an enforced reduced workforce, while demand for services increased and much more. 

Now, Jacob White is making the packaging machine rentals service part of our longer-term plan. With demand still rising, and industry predictions showing that it won’t slow down any time soon, we know that packaging machine hire will offer businesses the flexibility they need in a volatile and still uncertain marketplace.

Why hire a packaging machine?

Businesses think about hiring a packaging machine for a range of different reasons and scenarios. During the pandemic, businesses have been thrown into uncharted territory with a sudden loss of a significant portion (and in some cases the entirety) of the workforce. 

Taking on an automated packaging machine has meant that manufacturers can continue to meet increasing demands with lower reliance on resources and accelerated output. It has also meant that some of our clients have been able to harness some of the opportunities surrounding short-term production runs and not only survive the crisis but thrive. 

Moving forward, we know that a packaging machine rental service will also offer manufacturers the opportunity to test new processes and product lines and keep their options open before making long-term commitments to automation. It will help to provide a flexibility over both short- and long-term planning that many businesses need right now.

Example: CP-400 Case Packer

The CP-400 Case Packer is a versatile, automated case packing machine designed for use in all types of environments. Improve hygiene standards, speed up and streamline the production line and distribution through automation. Erect, open, fill and load cases before closing and sealing in one robust machine.

Talk to Jacob White about packaging machine rentals

Whether you’ve been considering packaging machine rentals to help you meet short term demand or you’re looking at automation to give you long-term flexibility, talk to us. Jacob White packaging machines offer high standards of British build quality and performance and we offer customer service to match. 

With more than 100 years experience in tailoring packaging solutions and building packaging machines, we can gain a unique understanding of your processes and model. In today’s uncertain world, we know that you can’t afford to waste your time or your resources and we’re here to help you get it right the first time.

Contact us and let’s talk about hiring a packaging machine to find out more.

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