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Keeping Sustainability in Focus with Jacob White Packaging Technology

Posted by Carla Colwell
07th July, 2020

Across the world, a shift of focus has been experienced in light of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent pandemic. As single-use and individually-wrapped products are in renewed current and perhaps long-term demand, both consumers and manufacturers are expected to rally again for a sustainable solution. The importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility isn’t going away.

Across the packaging industry, we are seeing some of the most innovative use of materials, and now big brands are showing more and more interest in minimising packaging, the pressure is building for big changes. It isn’t just about minimising waste, however. With rising logistics challenges and costs, retailers want consignments in smaller containers and larger quantities. They need more room on the shelves and packaging has long been criticised in many sectors for being overdone in this respect.

Sustainability reaches out over the workforce and operations too. Cost- and energy-efficiency, health and hygiene and safety measures also inevitably come to the forefront of priorities, especially during recent times and for the foreseeable future. At Jacob White, we’ve always understood the value of sustainability in its entirety. We believe that everyone has a role to play and can contribute even in small ways. Supporting recycling initiatives, reducing energy consumption and maximising efficiency in everyday tasks and business operations can all make a difference to the environment.


Consumers driving sustainability

Trends have typically shown (pre-COVID-19) that a growing number of consumers have been taking sustainability into consideration during purchasing decisions. This has inevitably led to some of the biggest retailers to switch to greener packaging, products and labelling. As more retailers take on board these growing demands, we’re going to see some exciting developments across the packaging world as a result.

Some of the ways in which consumers are driving change:

  • Reduction in packaging materials
  • Alternative single-use materials
  • Development of bio-plastics
  • Reduction in chemicals in materials
  • Increased demand (more shelf space needed)
  • Maximum recyclability
  • Seamless traceability
    • Clear labelling
      • product provenance
      • materials provenance

By moving to more sustainable practices and materials, manufacturers can gain ground where their competitors have not. This can help to tick both environmental and consumer satisfaction boxes. There are, however, always challenges to face, and with continued high priorities for the workforce and consumer protection, many manufacturers are looking for other ways to maximise productivity and maintain cost-efficiency in uncertain times.


What we can do to help your packaging meet sustainability demands?

At Jacob White, we take sustainability into consideration in all our packaging machine development. From enhancing design and technology to bring greater energy efficiency, through resource management to maximising packaging productivity at every step, we have incorporated it all, perfecting our design and development processes over more than a century of experience.


Automated packaging

We offer a wide range of packaging machines to pack any product in any sector of any industry. Automation creates consistency and increases productivity and efficiency when compared to manual-based processes. This is particularly beneficial when workforce numbers are reduced and demand high.

With semi-automatic and fully automated packaging machines available, we can also help to minimise human intervention and increase hygiene and safety as a result.


Size and speed options

To fully meet the increasing demands for manufacturers to pack products more tightly and with less waste, Jacob White machines feature a unique speed and size variation. This feature enables the operator to adjust the machine to take a run of different products of varying sizes with no parts changeover. Taking just a few minutes to complete, downtime is minimised, and a far greater level of flexibility can be maintained across a wider range of packaging needs.

Manufacturers diversifying or expanding their product range or redesigning their packaging approach can quickly realise the value of a multi-product, multi-size feature. Tailored to suit your individual needs, Jacob White machines significantly increase output and consistency and eliminate the need to invest in multiple machines, making short runs of multiple products and packaging possible.


Energy and resource optimisation

With an increased need across the industry to achieve energy and resource efficiency, Jacob White machines offer a modern approach to this type of sustainability. Designed to run to tailored requirements with minimal intervention, automated packaging systems support hygiene and safety initiatives including social distancing and shift pattern changes. Operators can also increase quality control and enhance safety across the entire packaging process.

To find out more about how Jacob White can help you to enhance your sustainability and support your greener packaging plans, talk to us. We’re dedicated to supporting sustainability across the packaging industry and want to help you to reduce materials waste and costs, get more energy efficient and maximise your productivity to meet rising demand.


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