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The Biggest Benefits of Carton Sealing Machines

Posted by Carla Colwell
08th June, 2022

With an industry full of opportunity, transport packaging has grown to become a core element of accelerated distribution. As a result, carton sealing machines are fast becoming an essential part of packaging lines all over the world. 

Whether businesses are considering the future or need to act now to harness some of the opportunities, carton sealing machines can tick a vital box, especially for smaller operations. But with a world of choice out there, where do you begin? 

With this machine type rising in popularity, we’ve picked out some of the biggest benefits our customers are realising with the integration of carton sealing machines. 


Boost in productivity

Automation at any point in the packaging line enhances the output speed and streamlines the process. Adding carton sealing machines at the end packaging stage can offer businesses a vital boost in productivity, increasing capacity. 


Scalable resource management

For a business to take advantage of the current industry opportunities, it needs to ensure that it has the capacity to meet demand. Automating key parts of the production line keeps operations scalable in terms of resources, reducing the need for additional ground teams.


Accelerated distribution

As the business grows, so do production and distribution requirements. This increases the need for efficient and reliable packaging at the end-of-line stage. Automating this stage, whether fully or by using a semi-automatic sealing solution, can effectively accelerate distribution.


Increased consistency

Automatic carton sealing removes the human element and creates seamless consistency. This is important for increasing brand awareness in addition to simplifying distribution.


Increased product protection

Standardised, automated carton sealing can increase the protection of products at many levels. When sealed consistently, there is little room for error, and this reduces the likelihood of damage to the packaging and the goods inside.

Today, reduced human intervention with packaging is also encouraged to minimise the health risks for the transportation business and the end consumer.


Reduced energy consumption

Energy consumption and sustainability remain hot topics across the industry. The latest case sealing machines are designed to run efficiently and at higher speeds, which reduces energy use over an increased output. With energy prices soaring (2022), this is an important sustainability box that many businesses are keen to tick.


Can we help you find the right carton sealing machine?

While the benefits of carton sealing machines can be numerous and widespread, it is important to find the right fit for your operations. There are various end-of-line sealing types and tailoring a solution is vital to ensure the maximum benefit is realised. 

As packaging machines builders with over 100 years of experience, Jacob White understands the challenges faced by manufacturers in nearly every sector. We’ve also seen our customers enjoying the benefits of applying automated carton sealing to their operations. Talk to us and let us help.

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