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Three Snack Packaging Trends That Could Revolutionise Your Business

Posted by Carla Colwell
15th July, 2019

The global snacks industry is huge, encompassing the sugary, the healthy, the diet-embracing and everything else in between. With such an enormous sector, snacks manufacturers are competing strongly and looking towards packaging design trends to capture a bigger share of the market.

Jacob White packaging machines help snacks manufacturers embrace the latest trends with unmatched flexibility for packaging materials, short-run production opportunities and more. We tailor our machines to our clients’ unique requirements and can help reduce energy consumption and resources, ticking a vital box for sustainability in the modern production line.

Let’s take a look at three of the top snacks packaging design trends and see how Jacob White can work with you to harness the almost endless opportunities that are currently out there.


Plastic-free snack packaging

There is much ado about the ecological harm that plastic is doing to the environment (and us). The snacks industry is working towards reducing the amount of plastic packaging across the board and this is also pleasing the vast majority of consumers on a global scale, offering a new opportunity to garner a larger section of the market.

Producing plastic-free packaging for snacks has been historically challenging but scientific advancements in renewable and compostable materials is bringing this ever-closer. Recycled paper and board packaging are on the rise, but alternative materials such as algae, seaweed and mushroom-based products are opening new doors for snacks manufacturers, allowing them the opportunity to make increasingly responsible choices for packaging materials.

Jacob White advocates plastic-free packaging. Our machines are flexible enough to accept a wide range of packaging materials and are fully adjustable to various sizes with no parts changeover required, allowing for short-run productions of different products. We believe that snacks packaging need not be the problem in the near future but play a role in the solution to plastic pollution.


Keeping it simple

A minimalist design trend is sweeping the snacks industry, and this also follows in part the plastic-free ideology. Snack packaging design that is free from clutter with simple branding, natural colour tones and clear information is appealing to consumers all over the world, particularly in the health foods sector. This is an area of packaging design that can offer manufacturers a chance to directly appeal to consumers, while reducing printing and materials costs.

Snacks manufacturers are taking advantage of this accelerating trend and approaching the design process from an entirely new angle. As consumers are growing increasingly aware of their responsibility in the environment, the simplicity and appeal of minimalist design and the use of muted colours is something more brands are adopting. We expect this trend to continue to rise over the next few years and encourage snacks manufacturers to talk to us about how we can incorporate your design and materials choices into the production line.


Innovative and eye-catching

Some of the newest snack foods manufacturers are already thinking outside the box when it comes to packaging. The snacks industry is highly competitive, and with many consumers shopping by eye, this is an interesting, sky’s-the-limit design concept. Some of the most successful packaging takes a light approach, playing with design features and creating finished products that are eye-catching, interesting and different.

The flexibility of Jacob White machines means that your production line can embrace the latest packaging design ideas. Because our machines can cope with varying sizes and product shapes, they can be set up to perform short runs without changing any parts. This gives small-to-medium sized operations the flexibility to manage a wide range of cartoning requirements without investing in a wide range of packaging machines.

Talk to Jacob White today about how we can help you to incorporate and embrace some of the latest and greatest packaging design trends and harness those opportunities for expansion. Our unmatched industry experience and knowledge makes us perfectly placed to work with you to revolutionise your business model.

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