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UK Pharma Distributor Future Proofs Through Automation

Posted by Carla Colwell
12th October, 2022

The pharmaceutical packaging market has been experiencing an upward trend and this is, according to recent analysis, set to continue over the next decade. Figures show that by the end of 2021, the global market size was valued at just over $117 billion (USD), with the expectation of a CAGR of 9.5% to 2030.

As pharma distributors reach to harness the opportunities this may bring, we share how future proofing is becoming a higher priority in the UK.


Modernising and automating the production line

Jacob White works closely with our clients to determine their exact needs. When a well-known pharmaceutical company approached us to talk about modernising and automating their production lines, we understood that future proofing was their aim.

The client needed to accelerate distribution to meet growing demand and inject flexibility into the existing packaging process. They wanted to increase the speed of output and streamline the end-of-line packaging, maintaining strict hygiene measures and minimum intervention. During the consultation process, it quickly became clear that the answer lay in full automation.


Ensuring full compatibility with existing lines

With a clear view of the client’s business model through close consultation, we were able to pinpoint their highly specific needs. It is important to fully understand the existing operations and ensure that a solution is tailored to ensure full compatibility. With future-proofing in mind, this is perhaps the most important part of the consultation process.

In this instance, we recommended the integration of a fully automatic case packer at the end-of-line to streamline and accelerate distribution. The CP-400 case packer is a highly effective, all-in-one packaging machine that can handle pharma packaging easily.

Jacob White tailored a machine to suit their needs and the client installed the CP-400, which fitted neatly into their existing operations. You can read the full case study here to find out more.


How automating packaging adds flexibility

Automating pharma packaging can do much more than simply speed up overall output when you install the right solutions. There are heavy compliance requirements across the sector and automation can help to tick these boxes easily. From the reduction in human intervention to greater opportunity for quality control and everything in between, there are a wide range of benefits.

Flexibility is highly important in today’s working environment, in addition to scalability to help handle seasonal demand too. By introducing automation to vital parts of the production line, the pressure of reliance on manual resources can be reduced and flexibility significantly increased as a result.


Future proofing the costs

Increasing output and reducing the resources counts when you need to streamline the cost of operations. With the price of energy consumption soaring around the world at the current time (2022), operational costs need to be future proofed wherever possible.

Automation, and the flexibility it brings, is the key to future proofing today more than at any other time. With more than 100 years of experience, Jacob White understands that the pressure is increasing alongside demand. If you’re putting future proofing at the top of your pharma packaging business’ priority list, talk to us today and let us tailor a solution for you.


About Jacob White Case Studies

Jacob White case studies showcase and highlight the benefits of our packaging machines in real situations and working environments. We also hope that they demonstrate our commitment to ensuring the best possible solutions for our clients around the world.

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