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Why now is the time to upgrade your carton sealing machine

Posted by Carla Colwell
08th April, 2021

We explore the benefits of the latest packaging and carton sealing machines at the start of 2021 and find out how automation is key to continuing operations in a health crisis.

With a whole new set of rules, guidelines and requirements created by the current global health crisis, the start of 2021 remains as uncertain as ever for the manufacturing world. The health and safety of the workforce, who simply cannot work from home, is paramount, yet the wheels of industry must keep turning. 

The factory floor and the packaging line are traditionally typically vulnerable places during an outbreak of a virus – even a common cold can spread quickly through the ranks. Social distancing measures mean that there is an inevitable drop in the density of people on the ground and new ways must be explored to overcome these challenges. Never has this been more important than now when the pandemic is also driving massive demand.


Harnessing the packaging opportunities 

Rising demand across many sectors, such as food packaging, pharma, health and hygiene has brought a range of opportunities for manufacturers all over the world. According to a recent global packaging market report, 4.5% annual growth is predicted for the machinery sector through 2023. This will continue to be driven by the development and uptake of automated packaging lines, growing mechanisation in developing nations and the rise in wider use of sustainable materials, and of course, consumer demand.

To truly realise the opportunities across the sector and meet demand, packaging lines must remain flexible, be prepared for new packaging configurations and ready to implement new processes. With fewer people on the ground too, automation is the clear solution to mounting challenges for manufacturers of all sizes.


How a carton sealing machine can improve operations

It is not new news that automation across the packaging environment can make a huge difference to operations. However, during the health crisis, it has become even more apparent that automation at the carton sealing level offers more than additional speed, increased output and seamless consistency. 

Businesses trying to support social distancing to protect the workforce have been experiencing business challenges and real human concerns. In many sectors and particularly in food packaging, which according to the report will come under the most pressure, automation of filling, loading and carton sealing processes can become hands-free, contactless operations. 

The introduction of an automatic carton sealing machine wholly supports social distancing measures, keeping human intervention to a minimum from an operational standpoint. In addition, the latest technologies are designed around energy efficiency. This can help to reduce the reliance upon, and the cost of, many types of resources and can facilitate new shift rotations to keep operations moving seamlessly. 


Future-proofing and investment 

There have been few industry and manufacturing sectors unaffected by the COVID-19 health crisis. This has led many manufacturers to rethink their strategic positioning over the past year and many lessons have been learned on a global scale. 

Although the packaging machine sector has been moving further towards the development of automated, integrated lines for many years, the last 12 months has shown that it has never been more important to future-proof operations. Unprecedented closures and furloughed workers presented enormous logistic challenges as operations ground to a halt all over the world. Then when a return to work was made possible a new set of unprecedented challenges were faced.

Now, some of the largest manufacturers and packaging companies are taking their budgets back to the drawing board and thinking a little more outside the box (pardon the pun) in terms of investment. With further developments on the horizon surrounding regulations and guidelines, there has never been a better time to consider widespread automation of the packaging line and a carton sealing machine can tick many of the high priority boxes.


How Jacob White can help

We work closely with packaging businesses and manufacturers of all sizes to develop a deep understanding of your operations, processes and goals. Our aim is to provide a bespoke packaging line that gives you exactly what you need in a scalable system that can adapt to your operations and grow with you as a business. 

The continuing development of Jacob White TFS carton sealing machines is driven by an industry need for enhanced packaging solutions and reduced energy consumption. The multi-size flexibility and speed options for our packaging machines mean that they remain highly customisable and able to handle different products without the need to change parts. This keeps downtime to a minimum and reduces training and operation time significantly.

As a company with more than a century of experience, we know how challenging these times are. We have been supporting our clients in the UK in their push to continue working under stressful circumstances while protecting their workforce. We have helped to accelerate output and distribution with fully automatic carton sealing machines and introduced a packaging machine hire service to deliver a short-term solution. With a global client base, we can also help you wherever you are, whether you are a food producer in the Middle East or an automotive parts manufacturer in the US.

Jacob White can help you with your 2021 packaging strategy - talk to us about our industry-leading carton sealing machine and future-proof your packaging line.

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