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Sustainability and Ethics a High Priority for Beauty Packaging

Posted by Carla Colwell
02nd December, 2019

A recent survey conducted by Sagentia and Leatherhead Food Research suggests that the beauty industry needs to tackle sustainability and ethics in manufacture and packaging processes to please the average British consumer. 79% of the 2,029 surveyed demonstrated that they don’t believe personal care and beauty brands are doing enough and should apply more effort.

This includes the sourcing of natural ingredients too, which has been a rising consideration for consumers when making beauty purchasing decisions. The sourcing of packaging materials should be more transparent, according to the younger (18-24) age bracket, of whom more than a third expressed concern (33%).


Starting with beauty packaging

Some industry experts say that packaging is an obvious place to start, given that it will be the first opportunity for the consumer to notice a difference and the first chance the manufacturer has to demonstrate a commitment to rising environmental issues. 

Sustainable and ethical packaging materials are what the consumer wants to see, and according to recent reports, they won’t mind paying a bit extra for them. In terms of the ‘sustainability credentials’ of beauty brands – the survey finds that consumers are expecting them to improve. 


How Jacob White can help

Our packaging machines are uniquely tailored to the needs of the industry and we work with personal hygiene and beauty brands to make sure their packaging needs are met, whether they’re looking for a fully automated packaging production line or for increased consistency and quality of the finished product.

We can tailor your set-up to maximise production using sustainable, ethical materials, whether board, paper, glass or other recycled products. With fast and easy customisation available for speed and size variations, our packaging machines enable short production runs of different products, both for convenience and for energy efficiency.

Jacob White believes that embracing sustainability and ethical production is about more than looking at packaging materials. Reducing reliance on manual resources and lowering energy consumption helps to tick vital boxes for the climate and the planet.

Talk to us today about how our packaging machines could help your beauty brand strengthen your sustainability credentials. With more than 100 years of experience working across the world, we’re perfectly placed to get your production line running smoothly and ethically.

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