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Sustainable Packaging Still the Hot Topic for eCommerce

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26th June, 2019

The eCommerce world is full of challenges, and shipping and packaging is often at the top of the list. According to some package design engineers, the use of sustainable packaging is not only pleasing the consumers of the world, but also helping businesses to become less wasteful in both materials and energy consumption.

In addition, large eCommerce businesses, such as Amazon, are encouraging the creation of packaging that delivers instant consumer satisfaction. The giant’s ‘Frustration-free’ package opening experience has been introduced to help reduce packaging waste and improve shipping efficiency by ensuring products shipped by Amazon arrive at its centres in specific packaging that requires no over boxing.

As the leading eCommerce businesses incentivise and introduce such programmes, and consumers begin to expect greater things from packaging, other than simply holding their goods, it is clear to see that this rise in demand for sustainable packaging is soon going to change the way the production line operates more broadly than ever before.

What can businesses do to adapt to sustainable packaging methods?

The manual production line is traditionally resource-heavy and expensive. Automating the production line is one of the biggest steps any business can take towards a more sustainable, efficient operation. Using automated packaging processes, and having greater control over resource management, the packaging system becomes more streamlined and instances of human error are significantly reduced.

The most modern machines are much more energy-efficient than their traditional counterparts and can be activated on operator demand to ensure full control and safety standards.

Changing paper and board types for recyclable materials can make a considerable difference to the branding and consumer-oriented reputation of a business in today’s marketplace. There are opportunities abound for businesses willing to step into the world of sustainable packaging at the current time and this is an area that could remain a hot topic for a long time yet. 

How Jacob White can help you in your drive for sustainable packaging

Jacob White packaging machines offer businesses a comprehensive approach to sustainable packaging, tailored to the individual needs and goals of the production line. Using extensive, variable speed and size ranges, Jacob White machines can fully adapt to multiple product lines of different sizes. Fully customisable and easily adjusted with no parts exchange required, our packaging machines can be activated by operator demand on different, short production runs to save significant time and energy-usage.

Jacob White clients come to us to achieve the flexibility and scalability needed to fully embrace sustainable packaging. Talk to us – we have a 108-year reputation for being one of the most versatile manufacturers of cartoning equipment.  We provide the best cost vs. value machines on the market and can help you to improve your production line with sustainable packaging solutions. 

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