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Consumer Demands Rise for Higher Quality in Tissue Packaging

Posted by Carla Colwell
03rd March, 2019

The requirements and demands for higher quality in tissue packaging has been steadily rising in the industry for some time, and the shift to structured sheet, product-branded and private-label products has been a driving force behind these increasing demands.

Across the world, retail outlets and chains are looking for space-saving solutions that still offer the same levels of protection to these delicate products and meet similarly-increasing demands for higher-quality appearance. With rising operational costs and greater mandatory conditions, these challenges are being faced by the industry at every level and many industry experts realise that the solution lies in packaging technology.

The tissue packaging market is changing

Tissue manufacturers today are competing to provide value within a complete package. Not only do they need to ensure the production of high-quality products, but also pay greater attention to the provision of appealing, durable and reliable packaging. 

A closer working relationship with packaging providers is required in many sectors, to enable flexibility in design and allow for future changes as required. To do this, and to create positive consumer impact, it is essential that designs reflect the product perfectly, allowing the products themselves to become the advertising mediums they should be in today’s supermarket aisles.

There are other requirements of packaging machines that are critical when competing in the tissue market – lap seals, easy rolling and design positioning.

Consumers do not want to deal with too-tight tissue rolls or tissues that they cannot remove from the packaging without causing damage. It is important that rolling processes in machines use continuous motion flow wrapping to deliver a tight roll, hygienically-wrapped, while preserving the structure and integrity of the soft product. 

Automate and streamline packaging

The most effective packaging machines are those which automate and streamline packaging, allowing for design flexibility and reliable operation, while ensuring every aspect is treated with the same importance.

Jacob White tissue and towel packaging machines are among the best in the world. Our machines are designed to handle the incredibly delicate products perfectly over a wide range, including feminine hygiene products and wet wipes, in addition to cube and box packaging solutions. 

We build machines to exact specifications for businesses of all sizes and offer an extensive range of customisability to suit every requirement. Talk to us today or visit our tissue and hygiene products packaging and cartoning machines page now to find out more.

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