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Jacob White Machine Showcase Turns Heads at ProPak Asia 2019

Posted by Carla Colwell
08th July, 2019

Jacob White are once again celebrating a successful, popular showcase of their revolutionary packaging machines, this time at ProPak Asia 2019. This year saw around 50,000 attendees from more than 70 countries over the 27th four-day event, firmly cementing the importance of the region’s largest international processing and packaging technology exhibition.

The Jacob White stand was typically busy, and we enjoyed enthusiastic interest in the showcase of one of our food, drink and pharma industry favourites, the versatile NS-X 3.1 semi-automatic packaging solution. We were delighted to gain a new customer in the cereal packaging sector for the NS-X 3.1 from Australia and look forward to delivering their custom-built, uniquely tailored cartoning machine.


Showcasing the NS-X 3.1 semi-automatic packaging machine

The versatility of the NS-X 3.1 has made it the ideal choice for the food industry for some time, and its popularity has been growing since its launch. In recent times, a global shift in focus towards sustainability and reducing energy consumption has led to a greater demand for change within the packaging industry. With the use of plastics coming under increasing scrutiny, particularly single-use and packaging waste, both manufacturers and consumers are looking for new packaging solutions that seek to tick the sustainability boxes firmly.

Showcasing the NS-X 3.1 semi-automatic packaging machine

The semi-automatic operation and key features of the NS-X 3.1 offer greater control and lower resource use in terms of both staff and energy. With the opportunity to deliver maximum efficiency and achieve greater cost vs. value, the NS-X 3.1 turned heads at ProPak Asia 2019, and for good reason. Great interest was expressed in the wide speed and size variation ranges of the packaging machine, which enables short production runs of different products, without changing any parts. Jacob White machines are flexible enough for a wide range of packaging types and materials and can be uniquely tailored to the clients’ specific needs.


Tackling packaging industry waste at the Global Packaging Forum

ProPak Asia offered a great opportunity for us to meet and discuss the latest packaging challenges, solutions and innovations with both our peers and our visitors. With a focus on packaging waste, the World Packaging Organisation President, Prof. Pierre Pienaar, opened the Global Packaging Forum, running concurrently and alongside ProPak Asia 2019 with an interesting keynote speech that recognised one of the biggest challenges at the moment in the industry, the ‘huge impact that packaging waste is placing on [the] environment,’ and said that, “massive strides are being made, but there is a lot more work to be done.”

During the keynote speech, Pienaar emphasised that culture must change, and the packaging industry must act, while being supported by government and consumer education. He also recognised that the packaging industry doesn’t fare well in the press and believes that packaging is part of the solution, not necessarily the problem.


Jacob White offer opportunities for growth and sustainability

Worldwide, the food, drink and pharma packaging sectors are facing increasing regulatory requirements and have been looking towards automation to increase consistency and quality control. Jacob White has always understood these challenges and work closely with its international clients to ensure that regional compliance is met at every level.

We design our packaging machines with the client needs at the forefront and every machine is tailored and built to transform your operations. Whether our customers need a manual solution to improve consistency, a semi-automatic cartoner to reduce energy consumption, or a fully automated packaging solution to revolutionise your operations and minimise resources, we take the time to find the right fit for your needs.


Thank you from Jacob White

The team at Jacob White are really enthusiastic about events such as ProPak Asia. We enjoy talking to our visitors at events, and it is always nice to see existing customers too. We enjoy all our opportunities to engage with our peers and visitors about industry issues and challenges and are happy to offer specific solutions and ideas gained from our worldwide experience of working with clients from all industry sectors.

Thank you to all our visitors at ProPak Asia 2019, clients both existing and new and to our fellow exhibitors and peers. Your positive feedback and record interest in our showcase and our ethics are what these events are all about. We hope to see you all again at the next event


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