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How to Modernise and Automate Tissue Packaging

Posted by Carla Colwell
15th March, 2024

Robust growth projections for the tissue packaging market have continued, trending upwards and opening up further opportunities for industry players. With demand soaring for a widening range of tissue types, manufacturers of all sizes are modernising and automating the packaging stages to fully take advantage.
While automation is a key part of future proofing, there are traditional challenges in the control of these lightweight paper products during the packaging stages. This is why it is important to choose the right tissue packaging machinery to suit your needs – not just for today, but to become an investment for the future.

A challenging sector for automation

Automation through retrofitting in the tissue packaging sector can be complex, due to the historically challenging nature of fully controlling the flyaway delicate products. Thus, it's crucial to ensure that when selecting automation for tissue packaging, businesses allocate their retrofit budget wisely, opting for solutions precisely tailored to their needs.

Undoubtedly, retrofitting entails a significant investment. While it can reduce operational costs and enhance productivity, choosing the wrong automation solution can prove to be a costly mistake. An off-the-shelf solution will not always be enough, so it is important to work with the right machine manufacturer from the planning stages to find the right fit for your needs and goals.

Careful planning is the key to success

Meticulous planning is needed before you embark on the implementation of automation in a tissue packaging line. This means assessment of the physical space, the services infrastructure and energy consumption requirements – in addition to meeting local authority compliance requirements.

This is why working with the right machine manufacturer is pivotal. Expert guidance should be an essential part of the process, so choose knowledgeable, experienced professionals that understand both the operational benefits and the challenges that you’re looking to solve with an automated solution.

Handling different tissue packaging types and sizes

Within the sector are many product variations and this will be a factor when it comes to selecting a new automated tissue packaging machine. With the emerging and predicted opportunities for the sector, many manufacturers are looking for a more flexible approach that can handle these variations but speed up production.

  • Cube tissues
  • Man-sized tissues
  • Family sized tissues
  • Compact and pocket sized tissues

The traditional tissue packaging line has been largely manual and semi-automated to handle these variations more easily. However, today some of the best innovations are revolutionising packaging processes and enabling a fully automated, fully controlled process.

Our latest tissue packaging machine features overhead compression units and a range of manual and digital adjustment points. This design enables handling a broader range of tissue sizes, facilitating product range expansion and short runs of varied products at significantly higher speeds.

Can Jacob White help you automate tissue packaging?

At Jacob White, we start at the beginning and get to the bottom of what our clients really need during in-depth consultations and often on-site assessments. We have a reputation for design and build innovation in the tissue packaging sector, working with manufacturers of all sizes to introduce automation.
We offer a range of machines specifically designed and built for tissues packaging. Designed around solid foundation models, they can be tailored to meet very precise client needs if required. We can help you to meet big tissue production challenges with an unprecedented tender touch.
Understanding the challenges posed by escalating demand and the regulatory landscape, we’re here to help. If you're considering automating tissue packaging, reach out to us, and let us support you in finding the right solutions for automating and future-proofing your operations.

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