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High Speed Tissue Production in the UK

Posted by Carla Colwell
12th July, 2022

Tissues have been experiencing a surge in global demand and the market value by the end of 2021 had reached $76.52 billion USD. With this leading to a predicted CAGR of 6.4%, translating into a proposed market value of almost $125 billion USD by 2029, this sector is not to be sneezed at.

As producers of facial tissues look to harness the growing opportunities in the sector, the traditional issue of delicate product handling vs. high speed comes to the fore. We share one of our most popular case studies, highlighting how one UK tissue producer found the perfect balance.


An exciting new phase

An existing UK-based client of Jacob White came to us with a dilemma surrounding increasing production of its facial tissue product lines. Already happy with previous cartoning machines, they were excited to implement a new phase of operations – and so were we. 

During the consultation process, it was determined that a system was needed to better control tissue clips at higher loading speeds. The customer had speeds of more than 120 cartons per minute on its wish list and needed a highly compliant machine to meet strict hygiene requirements. 


Tailoring a solution

Tailoring a solution to enable high-speed tissue production for this client wasn’t difficult for us, with a full understanding of working practices and sector compliance requirements. We also feel that future-proofing is essential and so also considered the long-term picture of taking any particular approach for the customer.

We recommended a fully automated machine in the NS-X 6 cartoner. We tailored the solution by installing an overhead compression system, developed to deliver full control over the tissue clips, even at speeds of more than 120 cartons per minute. 

The client went with our recommendations, installed the tailored tissue machine and began to see productivity increase immediately. You can read the full case study here to find out more. 


How automating packaging streamlines costs

Automating tissue packaging does more than increasing the overall output when you find the right setup. Previously hard to automate, tissue packaging in a sterile environment that meets regulatory controls can prove challenging and costly, relying heavily on manual resources and increasing cleaning and maintenance routines. 

When you can increase output while reducing the resources, you can quickly begin to see the costs streamlining. This offers producers of all sizes the opportunity to further increase productivity by adding shift patterns to increase flexibility while protecting both workers and products. 

This added flexibility is crucial today more than ever before. It means that scalability is achieved, moving a long way to safeguard operations and preparing for whatever the future holds.


About Jacob White Case Studies

Jacob White's case studies showcase and highlight the benefits of our packaging machines in real situations and working environments. We also hope that they demonstrate our commitment to ensuring the best possible solutions for our clients around the world. 

Read all our case studies.

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