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Automating a packaging line: Your questions answered.

Posted by Carla Colwell
18th March, 2021

As industry-leading designers and builders of packaging machines with more than 100-years’ experience, the Jacob White team answers a wide range of questions and customer queries.

While we always respond personally to everyone, here and there this year we are going to pick out some of the most common or interesting questions and answer them here. We take a look at some of your top questions about automating packaging lines


1. How can we improve packaging processes?

While current, necessary health and social distancing measures are placing big pressure on entire industries, manufacturers are facing a catch-22 situation with rising demand. All over the world, manufacturers in many sectors are realising that the way forward means increasing production and improving packaging processes.

An automated packaging line can deliver improvements across the board in key primary, secondary and tertiary packaging processes:


  • Increased speed and output
  • Seamless consistency
  • Better quality control
  • Reduced human intervention and contact
  • Accelerated distribution
  • Higher hygiene standards for all packaging processes
  • Increased shift operation opportunities
  • Improved resource usage
  • Better energy efficiency


Whether you’re looking at how to improve packaging efficiency, increase output or simply create greater consistency, automating key packaging processes can help.

However, it is important to ensure you choose the right packaging machines for your needs. Make sure your packaging machine manufacturer works with you to determine the right fit to improve your packaging processes the way you need them to.

Jacob White works closely with our clients from the very start. With more than 100 years in the industry, we will give you an honest assessment based on your current packaging processes and how they can be improved and future-proofed.


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2. How important is an automatic case packer on the end-of-packaging line?

If you need to accelerate and streamline distribution and end-of-line packaging to cope with demand, there is little doubt that your operations will benefit from an automatic case packer. The knock-on effect from automating this key process can also be realised in significantly improved production and logistics.

In the current times, demand is high and streamlining these vital stages could mean the difference between accepting short or long-term contracts or turning them away. With social distancing and other essential health measures in place, automatic case packing provides a workable solution that can evolve as your operations grow and change. This is particularly important today.

The Jacob White CP-400 case packer helps to improve packaging efficiency and reduce the pressure on the workforce. With the energy-efficient operation, using a carton sealer enables additional and longer shift patterns, distributing the employees more evenly and offering them greater protection.


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Industry Uses

The CP-400 case packer has already been installed by customers in a range of industries, for a range of products, including:


3. Can we protect our workforce with an automated packaging line?

Protecting the workforce is always the highest priority for any manufacturer, and today’s global health crisis is no different.

Using a semi- or fully automated packaging line reduces the need for human intervention and promotes social distancing. The risk of contamination or the spread of germs and bacteria is significantly lowered, and shift patterns can be extended to accommodate the workforce safely.

Jacob White can offer you tailored advice about automating your packaging line. We understand the pressure you are under and the challenges you are facing keeping your workers safe. Talk to us.


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4. Is investing in automatic packaging processes cost-effective?

Whether you are upgrading your existing packaging system or starting from scratch, investing in automatic packaging processes can prove extremely cost-effective and well worth the investment.

The latest packaging machines are developed with efficiency in mind and Jacob White provide an end-to-end service that gives you the right set up – the first time. Getting up and running quickly is the key to ensuring a fast return on investment for businesses of all sizes and this means finding the right advice early.

When considering automated packaging systems, most businesses have a wish list. It may consist of many aspects, but some of the most common are:


  • Increased speed and output
  • Packaging consistency and increased quality
  • Supports social distancing
  • Reduced human intervention
  • Multi-size options
  • Fast changeover – low downtime
  • Reliable parts and service
  • Energy efficient
  • Lower operational costs


Jacob White offers a full consultation, where we help you determine how to ensure the most cost-effective solutions for automating your packaging processes. Talk to us about your short and long-term plans and let us guide you through your options.


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Do you have a question for Jacob White?

If you’ve been considering automating the packaging line and taking the pressure off your workforce, then you need to know you are getting the right advice. With our unmatched experience, the Jacob White team understands the challenges, both historic and current, that you’re facing. This means we can support you in making the key decisions you need to future-proof your key packaging processes.

Talk to us. We are happy to answer quick queries or can arrange a virtual chat with you online to determine your needs and options in finer detail. Give us a call on +44 (0)1322 272 531 or use the contact form below and we’ll come back to you as soon as we can. 


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